Meet the EMS

The next breakthrough in business performance

Execution Management System™

Discover the platform and applications that make up the Celonis Execution Management System, eliminating billions of dollars in unseen inefficiencies.

Reveal and fix hidden inefficiencies, fast.

The only thing growing faster than enterprise transformation investments are
the hidden inefficiencies inside your company.

Silently killing your performance and the planet.

Our Execution Management System x-rays your processes,
reveals the inefficiencies and unlocks your performance.

The system of performance

360° Data

Integrates data across systems, desktops, documents, and event streams.

100+ Process Connectors

Process Intelligence

X-Rays processes for inefficiencies and recommends improvements

500+ pre-built Apps

Targeted Action

Executes on insights automatically and orchestrates your existing technologies

1,000+ Integrations

blueprint --600

Build apps with Celonis Studio

Want to build the perfect app for your business? Join our ecosystem of customers, partners and third-party developers developing their bespoke solutions using Celonis Studio.

Celonis Studio
Celonis Studio

Together, we're eliminating billions in inefficiencies

Celonis recently released the 2021 State of Business Execution Benchmark Report which validated the financial benefits of applying data and intelligence to business execution. The benchmark reported that data-driven execution can free up as much as $567 million in working capital and $105 million in cost savings for the average $5 billion dollar revenue company.

The State of Business Execution Benchmarks Report - cover screenshot
The State of Business Execution Benchmarks Report - cover screenshot
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