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Celonis Process Mining®

One platform.
Unlimited process intelligence.

1,400+ companies use Celonis to understand their processes, capture opportunities, and turn process intelligence into business value.

Run your business at its full potential

Using the most advanced process mining technology on the market, Celonis gives you a living, breathing picture of how your processes run and interact based on the data in your underlying systems. No process mapping workshops or pre-defined process models required.

Celonis enables you to see opportunities for value in your processes that you wouldn’t otherwise have seen. It shows you how your business truly runs across all the systems in the enterprise, finding hidden value opportunities within and across end-to-end processes.

It helps you to prioritize opportunities with the biggest impact. And it enables you to drive the change you need to capture value across your entire company – and make your processes work for you.

Process Explorer - Multiple Variants

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Process Data

Unify real-time data about your processes across systems, desktops, and documents

Rapidly integrate terabytes of data across hundreds of systems to capture real-time process performance:

Continuously collect data across your business from any source – from Excel and your ERP, to your desktops and cloud applications.

Transform your raw data into standardized process data, independent of the way your systems capture and record transactions.

Model data once and scale flexibly with just one unified process data model for all your use cases.

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Process Intelligence

Find process improvement opportunities, fast

Get a digital twin of your business processes, identify opportunities for value, and prioritize which improvements will have the biggest impact:

Apply structured process knowledge and machine learning intelligence – built on 10+ years of process mining implementations. Quickly find and prioritize the right value opportunities - process deviations, patterns, and trends that can yield rapid cash value hidden within your processes.

Use guided explorations and conversational AI solutions to use process insights without any technical training or prior experience of process mining. Leverage Celonis process intelligence to help effectively train and power your own Large Language Models (LLMs).

Bring process intelligence – the “why” behind KPI changes or customer complaints – into your existing systems and tools, helping your teams wherever they work.