Process Management

Celonis Process Management gives you unparalleled process design and governance capabilities within the Celonis platform. 

Process management enriches our platform with institutional knowledge about how your business should operate — from determining process relationships to understanding your enterprise architecture, organizational structure, and the impact of processes on the customer experience. 

Mine first, model second, and enable your teams in real time on how to execute processes correctly.

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Process Designer

Map your organization and model with AI

Create a full enterprise map of your organization, from the teams that are involved, to the systems the processes touch, to the policies that govern each step along the way. 

Make sure you have the right documentation in place for regulatory and compliance purposes and the best-practices to guide your teams in the day-to-day. 

Don’t know where to get started? Jump-start your process-modeling efforts with generative AI process modeling.

Process manager screenshot
Process manager screenshot

Process Navigator

A single portal to empower all your people

Designing a process only gets you so far. Effective onboarding and adherence are key here. 

Give every employee a personalized repository of processes and their wider operational context, embedded into everyday systems like Microsoft Teams, so they know what steps to take, when, and in which systems. 

They’ll have real-time insights on how the processes are actually running and an easy AI chatbot interface where they can ask questions and understand the organizational structure.

Process Navigator screenshot
Process Navigator screenshot

Process Cockpit

Integrate insights into living process models

Process Cockpit brings your models to life with a fully transparent, easily navigable process overview, thanks to the integration of insights from the Celonis Process Intelligence Graph

This direct feed of live transactional data will turbocharge your process governance capabilities, and give all your people an easier, faster, and more personalized experience, driving value that benefits customers, the business, and the planet.

Process Cockpit screenshot
Process Cockpit screenshot

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