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Celonis for Accounts Receivable

Complex customer landscapes, fragmented data systems and manual processes challenge your Accounts Receivable department and strain your working capital. Improve free cash flow while reducing operating costs by centralizing data across source systems, intelligently prioritizing collector actions and streamlining process execution.

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Over 180 of the world’s best performing Accounts Receivable departments run on Celonis

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reduction in Past Due AR in 9 months, +$10M in cash flow
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in P&L impact from initial AR deployment
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improvement in monthly cash flow

Better outcomes call for better Accounts Receivable processes. Here’s how we help.

Accelerate collections through intelligent collector prioritization

Most AR organizations are still forced to rely on basics like balance age and size – and their own gut feelings– when it comes to customer outreach. Which means that despite your team’s best efforts, it’s an uphill battle to meaningfully reduce past dues.

Leverage unique insights derived from process mining to drive intelligent, data-driven prioritization of balances and customers. Make more informed decisions and engage customers more proactively and effectively.

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Eliminate unnecessarily manual steps

Much of your team’s work is still manual: reporting in Excel, gathering data on sales changes, shipment errors, and billing delays across too many systems and documents, managing team tasks via email, and offline tracking of key developments.

Streamline and automate common manual steps such as dunning outreach, dispute coding or credit approvals to free up valuable time for your teams and improve Accounts Receivable processes.

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Ensure payment term compliance

Securing favorable payment terms with your customers is a hard-won battle. But all too often, that good work goes to waste when invoices go out with incorrect – and less advantageous terms.

Ensure that every invoice adheres to the latest terms and conditions by proactively correcting master data, flagging instances where sales teams change the terms, and monitoring deviations from protocol.

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Prevent underpayments by monitoring outstanding balances

A complex and constantly evolving landscape of customers and balances makes customer payment accuracy difficult and time consuming to track.

Manage outstanding customer balances centrally and efficiently, while taking proactive action against instances of problematic payments - for example, cases where customers take cash discounts despite paying later than terms dictate.

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Monitor credit behavior and address evolving risks

Credit utilization and risk tracking is cumbersome due to decentralized data systems, while rigid approval processes delay the commercial cycle and push out customer deliveries.

Drive faster credit decisions by leveraging intelligent credit limit suggestions, and use automation and system orchestration to simplify and accelerate the approval process.

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Our purpose-built applications get you to value in weeks.

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Celonis Starter Kit

Kickstart a focused value journey with ease

Celonis opens up a near-infinite number of use cases for process improvement.

Prioritize the most powerful Accounts Receivable use cases for your organization based on the highest potential value and take advantage of guided flows to drive solutions. Built on our repository of aggregated process knowledge, the Starter Kit helps you connect to your systems, assess improvement opportunities, and get to value that much faster.

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Collections App

Leverage process insights to power your collections efforts

Data complexity, reactive prioritization and manual work leave your collectors fighting fires rather than preventing new ones.

Empower your teams with a single application to intelligently prioritize collections efforts, efficiently engage customers, and seamlessly capture developments such as disputes or promises to pay.

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Disputes App

Diagnose and resolve customer disputes precisely and efficiently

Reactive, one-off customer dispute handling has your teams constantly playing catch-up.

Track the root causes and impact of disputes, leverage automated reason coding and email templates, and accelerate both diagnostics and dispute resolution at scale.

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Credit App

Achieve operational excellence in your credit processes

High-touch credit risk evaluations and slow credit approvals create friction both internally and with the customer.

Combine data-driven risk assessment with centralized customer information to streamline credit approval processes while systematically minimizing risk.

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How it works


Integrates real-time and streaming data across systems, desktops, and documents.


X-Rays processes for inefficiencies and recommends improvements.


Fixes inefficiencies automatically and orchestrates your existing technologies.

Meet the only system that…

Provides a living, breathing view of your AR process

Run with a 360-degree view of your AR operations, grounding all your stakeholders in the same data while customizing views to different stakeholders’ needs.

Applies process insights to drive DSO reductions

Equip your teams with end-to-end process visibility, and help them engage customers more effectively by intelligently prioritizing balances and assessing customer risk.

Improves productivity by streamlining your processes

Intelligently automate and orchestrate common activities such as dunning outreach, dispute coding or credit approvals.

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