Celonis World Tour 2020

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The world’s #1 Execution Management System


The EMS: a new class of technology built to unlock capacity in your business

Maximize execution capacity to achieve world-class results

The Celonis EMS helps you eliminate execution gaps and increase capacity in Customer Operations, Finance & Administration, Supply & Distribution, and Products & Services.

  • Connect to any underlying business system

  • Get a complete, real-time view of processes

  • Leverage a complete set of process improvement tools, including process mining, AI, and automation

  • Benchmark processes against industry standards and thousands of best-practice implementations

  • Identify execution gaps and maximize capacity to achieve breakthrough performance

Fortune 500 companies are already seeing results


saved in SAP migration costs

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reduced time-to-market

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improvement in asset utilization captured

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Execution capacity breakthroughs benefit everybody

celonis x uber

Uber discovered delays in Customer Service were affecting customer satisfaction. Maximizing their capacity to handle time improvements let them identify $20M in efficiency gains.

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celonis x l'oreal

By tackling credit and order blocks across their Supply Chain, L’Oreal increased their execution capacity and efficiency rate by 3x over an 18-month period.

celonis x vodafone

In Products & Services, Vodafone increased their execution capacity, reducing time to market by 20% and cutting procurement process costs by 11%.


Celonis has the highest market share in all industry market verticals according to Everest Group’s Process Mining Peak Matrix 2020


Celonis ranks #1 Overall in HFS Top 10 Process Intelligence 2020 report

Here's why you should care

Understand Capacity

Why it matters, and what it means for your business.

Eliminate Gaps

Why system complexity is killing capacity, and how to fix it.

Achieve breakthroughs

Remove the barriers to execution and perform at your full potential.

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