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Celonis World Tour: Experience the new state of Business Execution, wherever you are

Celonis + Integromat

Celonis Acquires Integromat, an Industry-Leading Online Automation Platform

Execution Apps

Announcing New Execution Apps from Celonis and our Partners

Remove friction from processes like...

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Customer Service
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Warehouse Management
Accounts Payable
Supply Chain
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IT Service Management

Discover how your processes really run

Use your digital footprint to understand the root causes of process deviations and inefficiency
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Enhance processes with AI-powered tools

Intelligent recommended actions allow every employee to remove process friction
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Monitor process improvement over time

Track, measure, and celebrate process transformation business impact
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Siemens Celonis documentary

Siemens Mini-Documentary: Automation Done Right

student using process mining through celonis academic alliance

The Celonis Academic Alliance: Building Bridges with Education

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7 Ways to Improve Delivery Performance with Celonis