Video Series

In the Process

Four episodes that will ease you into the world of process mining. What it is, how it works, why it matters, how to get started. As simple as that. This is where you begin to make your processes work for you.

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Episode #1 What is process mining?

We all start somewhere…

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Keep up with In the Process

Nothing wrong with being basic

‘In the Process’ will take you through the basics of process mining. It’s for everyone brand new to process mining – and those looking for an easy-to-watch refresh.

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Episode #2 How process mining works

From collecting your process data to taking action to improve your processes.

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Episode #3 Why process mining matters

Savings, sales, sustainability – plus team alignment and tech adoption.

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Episode #4 How to start with process mining

Assessing your project scale, process maturity, and potential vendor.

Available December 12

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