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Keeping up with changing customer expectations, demand swings and supply chain disruptions puts stress on your order management process. Boost customer experience while reducing costs with Celonis Order Management solutions by gaining full visibility across all your orders, intelligently prioritizing and handling orders and streamlining execution through automation.

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460+ of the world’s best order management departments use Celonis.

Better outcomes call for better Order Management processes. Here’s how we help.

Fulfill promises to your customers

No one wants late deliveries. But while shortages might lie outside your control, all too often it’s delivery date changes stemming from outdated lead time master data, or delivery blocks and credit blocks that aren’t actioned in time, that leave you breaking promises.

Operate with a single pane of glass for your open orders, and ensure orders are intelligently prioritized and handled to ensure every order within your control gets to the customer on-time and in-full.

Order Management Use Case On time delivery

Cut down on manual work

Manual sales order creation; multiple changes to the price, quantity, and delivery dates; and manual removal of blocks eat up your teams’ time – and drive up costs.

Eliminate rework and unnecessary touches through intelligent order entry automation, continuous updates of outdated master data, and removal of delivery, credit, and billing blocks.

Order Management Use Case Touchless order

Get orders out the door fast

Orders are usually blocked for good reasons, but high order volumes and the lack of a consolidated view of your open orders often mean that orders can be blocked for months without anyone noticing or taking action, which creates a negative domino effect.

Find and remove delivery, credit and billing blocks from open orders fast to ensure that only necessary investigations and approvals take place without impacting deliveries.

Order Management Use Case blocked orders

Prevent avoidable revenue loss

Cancellations and returns are costly and often avoidable – leaving cash on the table and driving up rework, to say nothing of increased waste and emissions. Frequently shifting delivery dates and late or wrong orders drive customer cancellations, while inadequate replenishment may force you to reject a customer order.

Minimize cancellations and returns by keeping master data up to date - prevent cancellations due to inaccurate delivery dates as well as material availability issues resulting from out-of-date lead times. Simultaneously, ensure that orders are entered and processed accurately with intelligent nudges.

Order Management Use Case Rejections and returns

Protect your revenue by invoicing every order

Picture this: the goods are ready, the orders are shipped – but the orders are never invoiced and left unnoticed - leaving cash on the table. Billing blocks, intercompany invoices, and complications from dropshipping and coordinating with suppliers all make these cases harder to spot, but each one chips away at your P&L.

Automatically surface old unbilled orders to accelerate invoicing, and empower your team with proactive reminders and actions to ensure on-time billing for all future orders.

Order Management Use Case Unbilled orders
Order Management Use Case On time delivery
Order Management Use Case Touchless order
Order Management Use Case blocked orders
Order Management Use Case Rejections and returns
Order Management Use Case Unbilled orders

Our purpose-built applications get you to value in weeks.

Order Management App Starter kit

Starter Kit for Order Management

Kickstart a focused value journey with ease

The Celonis Process Intelligence platform opens up a near-infinite number of use cases for process improvement.

Prioritize the most powerful Order Management use cases for your organization based on the highest potential value and take advantage of guided flows to drive solutioning. Built on our repository of aggregated process knowledge, the Starter Kit helps you connect to your systems, assess improvement opportunities, and get to value that much faster.

Order Management App Starter kit
Order Management App Open order processing

Open Order Processing App

Prioritize and handle orders intelligently for your teams

It takes a village to process an order, with work being done across multiple departments. Any hiccup can delay deliveries and fly under the radar, especially when the team is running at full steam.

Operate with a 360-degree view for all open orders, prioritize critical orders at risk, and assign them as tasks for your team to resolve in real time, so you can prevent delays and boost productivity simultaneously.

Order Management App Open order processing
shipped not invoiced blog trigger invoice

Shipped Not Invoiced App

Ensure every order gets invoiced

Too often, unbilled orders can fly under the radar – but most organizations aren’t aware of the magnitude of the problem, let alone equipped to take action to prevent and resolve it. 

Use purpose-built analyses and prebuilt prescriptive actions to identify instances where orders have goods shipped, but aren’t yet invoiced to quickly and effectively recoup losses and ensure process adherence going forward.

shipped not invoiced blog trigger invoice

How it works


Integrates real-time and streaming data across systems, desktops, and documents.


X-Rays processes for inefficiencies and recommends improvements.


Fixes inefficiencies automatically and orchestrates your existing technologies.

Meet the only system that…

Unifies real-time sales order data in one place

Consolidate all the data from your disparate systems and Excel to get a comprehensive view of sales orders on a single platform in real time.

Visualizes interdependencies across the value chain

Run with deep insights across the breadth of your order-to-cash process to facilitate collaboration across different departments.

Drives on-time delivery with automated actions

Discover the root causes of inefficiency in your supply chain processes, and apply automated actions to boost on-time delivery and delight your customers.

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