An Analytical Approach to GDPR Compliance

Your Company and Consumer Data From May to July 2017, 143 million consumers had their personal data exposed to hackers as credit reporting bureau Equifax had their IT systems breached. Consider that number, 143 million - that’s nearly half the entire United States population, and an incomprehensible figure for a data breach that contained birthdates,…

Christoph Grossbaier / 13. October 2017
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Why Your Procurement Team Needs To Be a Data Powerhouse

Your procurement team is central to the success of the entire company. It’s responsible for balancing costs, delivering returns, and managing relationships throughout the supply chain. To maintain these varied, and sometimes opposing goals, the procurement department must have access to data that can be used to make smart decisions quickly and effectively in an…

Ethan Stine / 24. August 2017
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5 Metrics Every Supply Chain Professional Should Track

Effective supply chain management requires coordinating the flows of orders and inventory, balancing the customer’s demand for speed with organizational needs for low cost and efficiency. The supply chain consists of complex relationships between departments, teams, and individuals across areas including procurement, production, transportation, and customer service. By tracking metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs),…

Ethan Stine / 10. August 2017
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Leveling the Playing Field: Supply Chain in the Age of Amazon

The “Age of Amazon” Ready. Set. Shop. The second annual Amazon Prime Day is set for July 11th, and Amazon has big expectations for this year’s event. With last year’s Prime Day bringing in as much revenue as Black Friday and resulting in worldwide members ordering 398 items per second, it’s impressive that expectations are…

Ethan Stine / 10. July 2017
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How To Get The Most Out Of Robotic Process Automation

How To Get The Most Out Of Robotic Process Automation Process Mining Helps Organizations Easily Identify Which Business Processes Will Benefit From Automation How many business processes hinge on tedious, repetitive tasks? What percentage of skilled employees spend valuable hours each day entering and manipulating data? No matter how you slice it, human brainpower is…

Ethan Stine / 16. June 2017
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