Make AI work for your enterprise

Every system, every department, every process.

When AI speaks the language of your business, your processes don’t just run, they work. Feed AI the intelligence it needs with Process Intelligence. The missing piece in your AI-enabled enterprise stack.

  • Faster, more accurate process insights 

  • Smarter process automation

  • Step change in people productivity 

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AI has landed. Expectations set.

The future of enterprise is now in process.

Our customers need us to delight them with seamless experiences. Our teams rely on us to empower them with the means to make it happen. The road is long. But you’re closer than you think. Much closer. Your business processes run through lots of systems. Creating fragments of data at every step. Celonis reconstructs this data to generate Process Intelligence. Giving you a common language for your business. A common context for your enterprise. And the intelligence AI needs to understand your processes end-to-end. 

You have the data. You have the systems. What you need is Process Intelligence.

AI expectations set Celonis Artificial Intelligence

Your Enterprise: AI-Enabled

With Solutions Powered by Celonis Process Intelligence Platform

Faster, more accurate insights, at superhuman speed

With every supplier paid. Every shipment made. Every customer served. There’s more data flowing through your business. BI tools help you analyze it. Large Language Models help you build on it. But neither know how or why your business flows. Process Intelligence changes that. Giving you the power to visualize every process, in every department. One by one or all-as-one. Understand performance dynamics and how to improve them at superhuman speed. WIth pinpoint accuracy.

Smart process automation that adapts to your business

Automation is our new friend. Undertaking tasks. Pushing information. Accelerating workflows. But just because it’s running, doesn’t mean it’s working to its full potential. Take your automation from adolescent to advanced with AI made smarter by Process Intelligence. Find opportunities, capture business value faster, and smarter.

Step change in productivity, and customer satisfaction

We run our personal lives on smart apps with big functionality, simple UX, and tap-speed intelligence. Now you can empower your people with the same power at work. Putting them in the driving seat. Every decision augmented with Process Intelligence. Relevant actions automated with AI that’s process aware. Teams become more productive. Business processes work seamlessly. Customers are better served. Satisfaction increases. When Process Intelligence powers AI, your processes work - for your business and your customers. 

1 in 3 customers will leave a brand they love after one bad experience. Businesses get 20% higher customer satisfaction & employee engagement with AI* *Source

The future of enterprise is here:

Process Intelligence takes LLM - resource card

Process Intelligence takes LLMs to the next level – here’s how

This 2 minute blog shares how process intelligence solves typical LLM issues and creates a common language that gives AI the power to improve the foundations of business.

Celonis for AI datasheet - resource card

Celonis for AI – datasheet

Faster, more accurate insights. Smarter process automation. Step change in people's productivity. Download the datasheet to learn about the solutions powered by the Celonis Process Intelligence Platform.

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An open letter on AI

Celonis co-founder Alex Rinke shares his vision for a world where every business can make AI work.

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Celonis brings process intelligence to every business user with LLM for PQL Generation

Celonis LLM for PQL Generation makes process intelligence wizardry accessible to mere mortals at superhuman speeds.

Celonis Showcases Process Intelligence AI

Celonis Showcases Process-Intelligent AI

Powerful Combination of Process Intelligence and AI Drives New Levels of Process and Business Performance.

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