Responsible AI

Leadership comes with responsibility

At Celonis we prioritize responsible AI development, adhering to ethical guidelines and transparency. Our commitment is to empower users with technology that respects privacy, promotes fairness and aligns with the highest standards of Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

Responsible AI

Celonis AI Principles


Mitigation of potential bias and discriminatory conclusions so that AI systems remain fair to the individuals using, and being impacted, by them.

Transparency and explainability

Where applicable and reasonably expected, transparency and explanations of how the systems work and potential impacts on users considering their role and expected knowledge.

Security and reliability

Provision and adoption of AI in a secure manner, while upholding the required level of performance under a variety of circumstances.

Data Privacy

Provision and adoption of AI in compliance with the Celonis Global Privacy Policy to protect personal data and individuals’ rights.


Evaluating, monitoring and documenting information regarding AI at Celonis.

AI Principles in practice and key processes


Dedicated AI committee of key stakeholders meeting regularly to steer Celonis’ responsible AI approach and to evaluate AI initiatives including new product features and services.

Standard and Procedures

Internal rules providing specific requirements regarding our governance, processes, and roles and responsibilities.

Responsible AI Assessment

Prior to implementation of AI initiatives, dedicated assessment to support compliance with the Celonis AI principles listed above.


Categorization and mapping of AI initiatives, suppliers and language models in a dedicated repository to ensure regular monitoring.

Risk management

Assessment, analysis and management of identified risks in accordance with dedicated risk management policies and procedures.

Regulatory compliance

Monitoring of new laws and regulations for compliant provision and adoption of AI technologies.

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