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We're focused on delivering the world's most powerful Process Mining technology, and our partners offer best-in-class professional services and software solutions to help you to tap the full potential of the Intelligent Business Cloud.

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Why work with one of our partners?

End-to-end transformation

New to process mining? Our partners act as a sparring partner in your transformation journey. Their offering comprises complimentary technology solutions, software implementation, process analysis and redesign, and organizational enablement.


Looking for an expert in the banking sector? Facing challenges with your system migration? Benefit from excellent expertise on your specific industry, region, process, and transformation goals to develop the best solutions tailored to your needs.

Global availability

With offices around the world our partners are ideally equipped to support in global rollouts with local resources and expertise. Instead of depending on internal capacities, benefit from the pool of Celonis-trained and certified data scientists that are immediately available for projects.

Peter Meechan

“Customers can now automatically visualize and screen their processes for areas with the highest automation potential, and as a result, build, test, and deploy RPA in a smarter way. The powerful combination of these two category-leading companies is a game changer.”

Peter Meechan
Chief Corporate Development Officer
Automation Anywhere
Oliver Salzmann

“Celonis creates immediate and sustainable transparency in companies. The Deloitte Center of Process Bionics successfully combines this unique technology with process and industry expertise to solve complex business challenges.”

Oliver Salzmann
Lead Partner
Deloitte Germany
Mark Zimmermann

“Celonis enables Business Transformation as you can not only visualize and understand the processes much faster as it was possible before. Now we can focus on identifying the most severe problems and process inefficiencies at our customers, and further on developing outstanding use cases.”

Mark Zimmermann
Managing Director
Maurice op het Veld

“KPMG is proud to be in partnership with Celonis to enable the digitization of our services with the latest Celonis products.”

Maurice op het Veld
Head of Data Driven Technologies
KPMG Netherlands
Sebastian Moore

“When our customers are looking for an edge to realise efficiencies in their business processes but do not have the facts to confirm what they think they know, Celonis gives them the answers they need to act and innovate.”

Sebastian Moore
Plaut IT Australia
Heinrich Borgers

“Celonis helps you gain a very clear picture to see and understand your processes in a fast, transparent way never possible before. It empowers you to drive efficiency and reduce operational costs. And with QSC´s end-to-end services and consulting, we enable your business to enter the digital age.”

Heinrich Abdon Borgers
Leiter SAP Business Intelligence West
Nikolai Sitnikov

“We discovered process mining technology and chose Celonis as a world-class solution. The functionality and scalability of Celonis allows us to realize continuous process improvement. Celonis enables revolutionary changes in the approach to business process improvement both for our clients and us.”

Nikolai Sitnikov
Innovations Initiator
Fabio Bambana

“Celonis is that piece of ‘analytics’ that our customers were missing for so long. It turns on the lights and provides an incredible insight into process execution. It gives our customers a real ‘360° Process Improvement’.”

Fabio Bombana
SDG Group
Daniel Dines

“Working with Celonis, our vision is to dramatically accelerate process automation deployment based on Celonis’ ability to capture complete workforce analytics data. Together we are simplifying the ability for our customers to digitize a wide range of processes throughout their business operations.”

Daniel Dines
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