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Celonis Ecosystem

Technology Partners


Working Together to Maximize Execution Capacity for Companies Everywhere

Through our Technology Partners Program, we work with a fast-growing ecosystem that includes some of the world’s greatest tech platform providers.

Our Technology Partners extend and enrich the Celonis Execution Management System, helping companies optimize processes, achieve digital transformation, and maximize execution capacity.

Ready to seize unlimited opportunities?

Let us help you deliver long-term value to your customers at scale. AcCelorate offers a point-based structure where partners are recognized for their broader engagements and collaboration with Celonis as they climb up the tier levels. This framework sets the foundation for unlimited collaboration opportunities in the future.

Sign Up to become a Partner

Develop and create your own assets on the Celonis Execution Management Platform. Digitize your expertise and enrich your offerings. 


Work with Celonis to win the market. Offer Execution Management solutions to new and existing customers. Earn and deepen their trust.


Drive successful Execution Management implementations. Deliver massive customer value and ensure long-term adoption and retention of your customers.

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