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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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World-class business execution on the world's leading cloud platform

The Celonis Execution Management System, powered by the world's #1 Process Mining technology, helps companies unlock capacity and maximize business performance. Our EMS is hosted on AWS' best-in-class cloud computing infrastructure and data centers. Because Celonis runs on AWS, we're able to provide industry-leading enterprise security, scalability, and availability to our customers.

Celonis has partnered with AWS to help our customers take the next step in applying Machine Learning to their operations.

Alejandro Basterrechea - Zalando
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“Celonis Machine Learning helps us intelligently automate inefficent operational tasks in our extremely complex Procurement landscape, with hundreds of stakeholders and thousands of suppliers.”

Alejandro Basterrechea
Head of Procurement Operations

Our partnership in action

Industrial Cloud

Volkswagen Brings Additional Partners to Industrial Cloud

Volkswagen, together with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and integration partner Siemens, is opening up the Industrial Cloud to other manufacturing and technology companies.

Zalando - Enhancing Procurement with ML-powered Suggestions

Innovation with Style: How Zalando Enhances Procurement with ML-powered Suggestions

Hear from Alejandro Basterrechea, Head of Procurement Operations at Zalando, to learn how they have implemented Celonis Machine Learning-powered recommendations that help them work in a smarter, more data-driven way.

Whitepaper: Performance, Scalability & Availability

Whitepaper: Delivering Performance, Scalability & Availability

Learn about the Celonis EMS' high-availability architecture, and how running on AWS helps us deliver data security, availability, and performance to our customers.

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