Celonis for Consulting

Imagine a world where you, as a business process consulting advisor, can take a digital X-ray of your client’s operations.

You instantly see the process breakdowns.
You take data-driven targeted actions to fix them.
You accelerate value realization for your clients.

This is the digital world Celonis for Consulting opens up to you.

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Consulting partners

Consultants at 2000+ consulting firms are already using Celonis for their client projects, what’s stopping you? The future of process improvement consulting is here.

We made it just for you

Celonis for Consulting is purpose-built for, you guessed it, consultants. Farewell sticky notes. Goodbye subjective and lengthy interviews. We make process discovery a science, not an art.

So you can focus on realizing value for your client.

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How Celonis for Consulting Works

Leverage data in real-time

We extract in real-time the data you need to gain 100% transparency of your client’s processes based on their transactional and analytical systems. We show you a 360° living, breathing, moving picture of your client’s process landscape, so you can frame the value for every engagement opportunity.

Real-time data

Apply intelligence

We make it possible for you to simulate specific scenarios and calculate the value of your recommendations. Apply intelligence to present proposals based on the tangible output you can be confident the client will receive.

Process Intelligence

Execute targeted actions

We equip you to turn your recommendations into business outcomes by intelligently triggering real-time actions to improve your client’s process execution. With Celonis you can prioritize the best action to take to maximize the outcome for your clients — whether it’s freeing up working capital, maximizing on-time delivery, increasing customer satisfaction, or anything else. This means immediately realizing value with your project.


John Granger IBM bw 800x800px

IBM consultants using Celonis stand to accelerate value realization for clients and open up new revenue streams for themselves. The possibilities that come from working with a market-leader like Celonis are huge and we are delighted with what it’s helping our consultants and clients achieve.

John Granger
Senior Vice President
IBM Consulting
Accenture Philip Hazen BW 800x800px

Our decades of process improvement experience, combined with the power of Celonis process mining and execution management, can help our clients to create a more intuitive, fact-based and data-driven organization. Together, we’re delivering significant efficiency gains for our clients at scale, in a fraction of the time.

Phillip Hazen
Senior Managing Director – Intelligent Platform Services and Global Oracle Business Group Lead

What else can you do in 47 seconds?

Watch Gene Reznik, our SVP of Ecosystem and Industries, give you the Celonis for Consulting rundown.

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With Celonis for Consulting you get

Unlimited Celonis access

Celonis for Consulting gives you and your projects unlimited access to the capabilities of Celonis’ Execution Management System. Differentiate and accelerate your service offering, and expand your client opportunities by unlocking millions of dollars trapped in your client’s process inefficiencies. Plus you can use it across an unlimited set of client engagements and processes.

To bridge suggestions & outcomes

Go from insight to action. Use action capabilities and process intelligence to go from value framed to value realized for your clients. Plus give your client full transparency into your insights and recommendations – be transparent with their data and intelligence, and transform every process insight into long-term sustainable client value.

Apps to make your clients happy

Create Apps bespoke to your clients and their operations. Apps are pre-packaged so you can digitize process knowledge into repeatable project templates that can be used across the entire service line. Use apps to scale your business process consulting expertise and deliver value faster for your clients. 

Take your client engagements
to the next level

The Celonis for Consulting platform is made up of C4C+ and C4C+ Execution. It lets all your consultants start for free with Celonis technology, so you can unlock millions (even billions) of dollars trapped in unseen corporate inefficiencies.



Find improvement opportunities

  • Deliver accelerated as-is assessments with a data-driven snapshot of your client’s processes

  • Use data to solve problems at their root with our pre-built analyses, AI and Machine Learning capabilities

  • Simulate automation opportunities and quantify your continuous improvement recommendations with your client’s process data

  • Templatize use-case specific analysis and KPIs into project templates, and make them available to all your consultants

The limits no longer exist.

Celonis for Consulting gives you the:

Opportunity to offer value-focused engagements through accelerated as-is assessments, data-driven recommendations, and endless client improvement possibilities.

Ability to realize the value of your recommendations by integrating them into your client’s daily business operations to generate sustainable business value.

Power to digitize your expertise and scale your Celonis-enabled engagements across your service line.

Take your first step into the digital age of consulting

No coding, no programming, no digital expertise required
We’ve got you covered with all the training and support you’ll need
Get started for free
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