Frequently Asked Questions

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080524 FAQ Page Asset 1

1. What is Celonis?

Founded in 2011, Celonis is the global leader in process mining. We’re a privately held company headquartered in Munich and New York, with 20+ offices and 3,000+ employees worldwide. Together we help 1,400+ businesses reach their full potential through Process Intelligence. Read more on our company page.

2. What does Celonis do?

The Celonis platform combines process mining, AI and a decade of process improvement knowledge to help companies understand their end-to-end processes, find improvement opportunities, and turn process intelligence into business value.
See our customers’ real-world results.

3. How many people work at Celonis?

More than 3,000 people — or Celonauts, as we call them — work at Celonis across our 20+ global locations. We’re a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we’ve given back 50,000+ hours to our communities through our Global Impact Days.
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Check out our early career program.

4. How does Celonis enable artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)?

Celonis makes AI work for the enterprise by feeding it the Process Intelligence it needs to understand how your business runs. The Celonis Process Intelligence Graph creates a digital twin of your processes — so you can generate faster, more accurate insights, automate intelligently, and drive huge gains in productivity and customer satisfaction.
Learn about Celonis and AI.
See how GenAI and process intelligence drive business transformation.

5. Why should I use Celonis?

With Celonis you can analyze, improve and monitor your processes to unlock new levels of business performance — faster, more accurately and more cheaply than with traditional methods like manual, subjective process mapping workshops. Celonis layers on top of your existing systems, so you can build on those investments without ripping and replacing.
Learn more about process mining and its benefits.

6. Who can use Celonis?

Any organization can benefit from process mining, but Celonis tends to serve enterprise companies — primarily enterprise companies with complex processes and teams spanning Finance, Supply Chain, Process Excellence, IT, and more. We also have a large ecosystem of partners who use Celonis to unlock value for their customers, across multiple industries.
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7. Can I try Celonis?

Sure! Starting your process mining journey is easy. Get immediate access to the Celonis platform with a free plan.

8. Where is Celonis available?

We have global delivery capabilities with a physical presence in a number of locations across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. Check out our contact page to find the office closest to you.

9. How much does Celonis cost?

The realistic (if slightly predictable) answer is that our pricing depends on the nature and scale of your process mining needs. Visit our contact page to reach out to sales or get in touch.

10. Is my data safe with Celonis?

Our entire business depends on our ability to earn and honor the trust of our customers, partners, and people. Data security and privacy is a cornerstone of that trust. You can read more about our approach to security, privacy, ethics and compliance, legal matters, sustainability, and responsible AI — all in the Celonis Trust Center.

11. How do I become a Celonis Ecosystem Partner?

Celonis Ecosystem Partners are critical to our customers’ success and the ongoing pursuit of our process improvement mission. If you offer technology, consulting or other services that have the makings of a great partnership, head over to our Partner page to learn more, or explore the online community via our Partner Portal.

12. Who are Celonis customers?

Among our 1,400+ customers are some of the world’s biggest and best-loved brands, all of them passionate about improving processes for the benefit of their customers, their businesses, and the planet. You can browse our customer stories via our Customers page.

13. What is Celonis Academy?

Celonis Academy is our online training platform where 150,000+ learners in 200+ countries enjoy access to thousands of hours of award-winning interactive and instructor-led training — for free. Start your process mining learning journey today and track your progress with digital badges, certifications and much more.

14. How do I earn a Celonis Digital Badge or Certification?

When you pass one of our Certification Exams, you can earn a Digital Badge and show it off in your email signature, your résumé, on LinkedIn — wherever. Each badge also contains verified metadata about your qualification and how you earned it. Learn about Digital Badges, and sign up to explore Celonis Academy today.

15. What is the Celonis Academic Alliance?

We’re passionate about empowering the process miners and changemakers of the future with the tools, resources and support they need to succeed. That’s why we created the Celonis Academic Alliance in partnership with the world’s leading universities, colleges, and schools.

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