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Process Intelligence 101

What is Process Intelligence ...
(and why should you care)?

I know we’ve been working together for a while now, but I thought with all the conversations going on about the changes you need to make to me, that we should have a little heart-to-heart. Some of those changes are little, like reducing Days Sales Outstanding, some of them are big, like a digital transformation.  But they all require the same thing: the ability to understand me, talk to others about me, and communicate with me. Which means you need to get fluent in my language — processes.



Change has changed 
for the better and for the…

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Let’s face it, the way big businesses do business has changed.

Well, is changing. 


Because change has changed.

The type of disruptions we used to see once every five years now happen five times in a year.



The great disconnect makes processes hard to improve

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It’s easier to get my toddler to put her shoes on in the morning than change something in my business.

- CEO of a Fortune 500 company (probably)

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Adapting to changes isn't easy because there's a great disconnect at the heart of most enterprises.


You’re missing a shared language for how the business actually runs. And you’re not alone… 3 in 4 executives say their organizations remain unmodernized with disparate systems using fragmented technologies and tools, according to the IBM Institute for Business Value. Here’s where Process Intelligence comes in.



Meet Process Intelligence, 
the connective tissue of your enterprise

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Process Intelligence  /ˈprɑː.ses/ /ɪnˈtel.ə.dʒəns/

  1. The connective tissue of your enterprise

  2. A combination of system data, process knowledge and AI that knows how your business flows How to use it in a sentence:

  • That LLM is genuinely smart now it’s using Process Intelligence

  • Process Intelligence means we now have a living, breathing map of our business, end-to-end

  • I think I love Process Intelligence more than my dog

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Your processes are your business.

So if you know:

  • What’s happening in your processes

  • Where the value is hiding

  • How to capture it

Then you’ve got a silver bullet for the great disconnect, and a sizable advantage over those three out of four executives I mentioned earlier. Which is probably why 99% of business leaders say optimizing processes is important for achieving business goals.

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The methods businesses currently use for optimizing processes are slow, manual, and subjective.

You need something that uses the real-time data from whatever system you want to connect to it, and shows everyone in your business how the business flows.  Something that gives every department the inside scoop on where value is hiding in your processes and the tools to capture it.

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Think of a part of your business that has a process in it (spoiler, it’s all of them) and Process Intelligence has an application.

Your initiative, transformation, process, whatever you’re working on will be made better, safer, faster, cheaper if you have a common language for how it runs.

The adaptation you need for today’s world starts with Process Intelligence.

Process Intelligence starts with Celonis.

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