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Sustainability Transformation

Turn your sustainability goals into real world wins and overcome the challenges in meeting your targets by stamping out process inefficiencies.

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Close the gap between sustainability vision and impact

The business world is full of sky-high sustainability targets – but few initiatives are actually in flight. Operationalizing sustainability strategy remains a struggle.

Luckily, new technologies are here to help. 

Process mining and execution management deliver the fastest, most minimally capital-intensive path to better sustainability outcomes. And best of all, they get you from vision to results while simultaneously delivering on the top and bottom line. 

A win for your shareholders and a win for the environment? Check and check.

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Deliver on your corporate sustainability strategy

>8% CO2e
Reduction potential identified with ABB Motion business unit
spend assessed based on supplier ESG performance
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reduction in distance traveled by delivery trucks equated to millions in cost savings

Operationalize your sustainability strategy with Celonis


Get buy-in by showing how your sustainability initiatives can help meet existing business goals.


Automatically access and enrich data across your IT landscape to reveal your actual business emissions, excesses, and violations.


Intelligently allocate spend to your most sustainable suppliers and empower supply chain teams to reduce emissions order by order.

Our purpose-built applications get you to value in weeks.

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Shipping Emissions Reduction App with Climatiq

Reduce your shipping emissions to reach targets

A big carbon reduction opportunity lies in transportation. It sounds deceptively straightforward, but pinpointing the exact source of your emissions — and knowing how to reduce them – remains troublesome. Supply chain teams lack the quality data and insights to make effective decisions, let alone taking actions.

Take practical steps to reduce your carbon footprint by accurately measuring shipping emissions based on your operations, simulating the most sustainable modes of transport, and tackling emissions hotspots and inefficiencies.

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Sustainable Spend Management App with EcoVadis, Integrity Next

Spend wisely towards more sustainable suppliers

Procurement teams have a new factor to consider in their already complex decision making - sustainability. With a long list of suppliers, it can be a daunting task to evaluate each supplier’s sustainability metrics and select optimal ones to meet regulatory and customer requirements.

View, prioritize and efficiently manage suppliers to optimize for supplier sustainability rating, increase rating coverage and boost sustainable spend, all in one application.

sustainable spend management request rating website
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ABB pioneers sustainability innovations with Celonis to reduce supply chain emissions

“ABB has set ambitious sustainability targets as key elements for long-term value creation and Celonis provides the technology for a systematic, measurable and operational approach.”

Heymen Jansen
Group Vice President, Advanced Process Analytics

Earth is our future

We’re putting our money where our mouth is. Like you, we’re also on our own sustainability journey.

For us, operationalizing our sustainability strategy means delivering real change internally – and real value externally. It means setting and executing on science based targets and helping our customers apply the same technology they use to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction to reduce emissions and drive more sustainable spend with their suppliers.

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Ebook the Realist's Guide to sustainable Order Management

Realist’s Guide to Sustainable Order Management

Sustainability Webinar On Demand

Webinar: Process Excellence to Unleash Sustainability Performance

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Sustainable Order Management Demo Video

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What is sustainability in business?

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