Process Intelligence Graph: Standardized Process Data

Discover a new way to understand your business processes

The Celonis Process Intelligence Graph is the connective tissue at the heart of Celonis’s process mining platform, helping you understand how objects and events interact, how processes are interconnected, how your business runs, and how it can run even better.

To make your Process Intelligence Graph, Celonis extracts and standardizes your data from any data source, all without replacing or interfering with the tools and applications your company already uses. Then, we layer in a decade of our own standardized process knowledge and AI

The result? Unparalleled Process Intelligence — so you know where value is hiding and how to extract it.

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Use your data from any source

And we mean any source. Start flowing data into your Process Intelligence Graph fast with 100+ pre-built process connectors for on-prem and cloud-based ERPs, CRMs, data warehouses, and more. Stream data in real time with Apache Kafka or in near-real-time with systems like SAP and Salesforce.

Need something custom? With the Extractor Builder, create reusable data extractors for any system and automatically tag and contextualize data from connected systems.

Want to add in desktop data, too? Our task mining capabilities integrate data from your teams’ desktop programs into your overall Process Intelligence Graph.

Extractor Builder GIF
Extractor Builder GIF

Understand all of your processes, end-to-end

Celonis creates standardized process data, a representation of your entire business that helps power the Process Intelligence Graph. It’s system-agnostic and built with business objects (like orders and invoices) and events (like order creations and invoice payments). 

Once Celonis has standardized your process data, you can: 

  • See every object and follow what happens to it from any perspective

  • Get a digital twin of how your business runs, replicating how your processes work and relate to each other 

  • Deploy once and scale from there, with reusable objects and events across all future use cases

OCDM Celonis Platform GIF
OCDM Celonis Platform GIF

Knowledge Hub

All of your process knowledge — all in one place

The Knowledge Hub is your single source of truth to define and validate KPIs, records, strategic objectives and more. It’s a proven way to get value from your process mining practice, STAT. 

In the Knowledge Hub, your process data is enriched with Celonis’ process knowledge and out-of-the-box AI — the final step in creating your Process Intelligence Graph.

By bringing Celonis’ 10+ years of process mining experience together with AI and your own goals and measurements, the Knowledge Hub helps you uncover insights and opportunities even faster.

Knowledge hub

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