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Process mining software gives you an “X-ray” of your business processes, so you can see how they really run and identify inefficiencies. Using the data from your existing systems — such as ERP and CRM — process mining software helps you gain complete visibility into your processes.

Process Mining key

Why process mining matters

Process mining is the key to visualizing and analyzing your processes as they actually are. The technology extracts data from your underlying systems to give you a comprehensive, real-time visibility into how your processes run. Armed with that understanding, optimizing processes and their outcomes is easier than ever.

Celonis, the process mining software pioneer

As the company that pioneered this technology ten years ago, we’re proud that Celonis process mining is now the world’s highest rated and most popular process mining tool, used by Fortune 500 companies in every industry.

So if you’re wondering how to get started with process mining software, you’ve come to the right place.

And with Celonis, process mining is just the beginning. Think of how doctors use an X-ray to diagnose the problem — they don’t just stop there. They then need to apply the right remedy to treat and heal the issue.

In the same way, once our process mining software gives you an X-ray of your process and pinpoints gaps, Celonis gives you the tools to make process improvements — by removing bottlenecks, deploying automation, and reengineering processes to improve outcomes.

With our free Celonis plan, you can get started fast and produce your first process X-ray in just 60 minutes.

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Process Mining Tools

With more and more companies investing in process mining tools, there are a variety of products available from different vendors. Every company’s business processes are unique. Yes, most organizations have a Finance department that runs processes like Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, as well as Procurement or Order Management, Sales, and Customer Service. But the way those processes work, and the systems they run on, is like a corporate fingerprint — no two are exactly alike.

So, when choosing a process mining tool, it's important to understand how process mining works and to know the features you'll need for your company's one-of-a-kind processes.

Some key capabilities of process mining tools to consider:

Data connectors

Does it provide connectors for all of the underlying IT systems you use, so you can understand process data in real time?

Pre-built analyses and models

Does it provide out-of-the-box analyses, models, and benchmarks for your desired use case?


Can it work with multiple data models across different processes?

Ease of customization

Does it provide a drag-and-drop interface for customizing process analyses and views, or does it require complex knowledge of languages like HTML and SQL to use?

Task Mining

Does it collect not only data from transaction systems’ event logs, but also user interaction data from desktop applications through task mining?


Is it a cloud-based process mining tool that can scale with your business and provide automatic updates?

Execution Management

Does it go beyond process visibility to provide a complete set of tools for business execution, process improvement, including automation, workflows, and simulation?


Is it certified compliant with industry security standards, such as SOC 2 and GDPR?

Partner Ecosystem

Have top consultancies adopted it and do they offer implementation services?


Are there proven examples of companies in your industry and desired use case achieving results and outcomes?

In short... not all process mining tools are created equal, and it's important to evaluate carefully.

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Why Celonis Process Mining?

Celonis process mining is the “clear market leader” according to Gartner. In fact, more than 90% of companies that use process mining have chosen Celonis.

Every day, Celonauts all over the world work hard to maintain this high level of customer trust, and to help our customers achieve even more value. We do that by constantly improving Celonis process mining to be the fastest, easiest, most robust, seamless, and extensible solution available. Celonis process mining produces the most advanced process X-rays because it incorporates the most cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and task mining.

The depth and breadth of our platform is what truly sets Celonis apart. Celonis process mining is the core of a revolutionary platform that we call the Execution Management System, or EMS. The Celonis EMS helps you not just understand your processes, but to run your entire business on data and intelligence. It provides capabilities for Real-Time Data Ingestion, Process and Task Mining, Planning and Simulation, Visual and Daily Management, and Action Flows.

Thousands of companies have used Celonis to unlock millions of dollars in value

The greatest testament to the power of Celonis is the thousands of companies who have used it to unlock millions of dollars in value. More than 2,000 customers worldwide use Celonis process mining — across every process, system, and industry.


A global leader in diagnostic solutions, Sysmex uses Celonis in Accounts Receivable to identify overdue payments — and start collecting them. In just one month, they recovered $3.4 million in overdue service contracts. They have since reduced their past-due receivables by 60%.

Deutsche Telekom

The telecom company deployed Celonis in Purchase-to-Pay, and saved €66M by maximizing tactical savings and tackling duplicate payments and cash discount losses. They’ve achieved a cash discount rate of 96%.

When you’re ready to experience the power of Celonis process mining, we’re to help you every step of the way.

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