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Process mining software gives you an MRI of your business processes, so you can see how they really run. Using the data from your existing systems — such as ERP and CRM — process mining technology uncovers hidden opportunities to rapidly capture value across your organization.

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Why process mining matters

Process mining reveals how your processes actually run. The technology extracts data from your underlying systems to give you comprehensive, real-time visibility and business process analysis. This makes process optimization easier than ever.

Celonis, the process mining software pioneer

We first pioneered process mining technology ten years ago. Today, Celonis process mining® software is the world’s highest rated and most popular process mining technology, used by Fortune 500 companies in every industry.

The Celonis process mining® software helps you find and capture value fast by improving the performance of your core business processes. It’s the only technology platform in the stack that operates as a value extraction layer, continuously observing how your processes are performing, removing bottlenecks and orchestrating the right actions to capture value.

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Process Mining Technology

Every company’s business processes are unique. While most organizations have a Finance department that runs processes like Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, as well as Procurement or Order Management and Customer Service, the way those processes work, and the systems they run on, is like a corporate fingerprint — no two are exactly alike.

So when choosing process mining software, it's important to understand exactly how process mining works, and the features you'll need for your company's one-of-a-kind processes.

Some key capabilities of process mining tools to consider:

Real-time data integration

Data extraction, preparation, and transformation are critical prerequisites to process mining. It’s essential to establish that the vendor’s data tools work for your specific systems including cloud, on-prem, and legacy. Ensure that the data can be synced in real time, so that you get insights in time to take action (manual or automated) before negative outcomes can manifest.

Enterprise-wide visibility

Advanced process mining goes beyond analyzing data for a single process within a single system. Ensure the vendor can integrate data from multiple systems and processes in one process model, enrich the model with user desktop action through task mining, and connect sequential or parallel processes — so you gain total visibility across your organization.

Object-centric understanding

In addition to enterprise-wide visibility, you need a common understanding of individual objects, independent of source systems. For example, the ability to analyze an invoice whether it’s in Oracle or SAP, as well as its relationships with other objects. Object-centric process mining (OCPM) represents a step-change in process mining and Process Intelligence, replacing static, two-dimensional views with a dynamic digital twin. Can the vendor give you this power?

Process conformance

Conformance checking enables comparison of your as-is process to your desired to-be process model for audit, compliance, or monitoring purposes. Ensure the vendor can integrate your process models that you may have built with your existing tools and additionally look for automated root-cause analyses to determine the source of any deviations.


Ensure that the vendor supports the ability to benchmark processes between regions, products, teams, or other relevant subsets. Additionally ask if external industry benchmarks are available.

Process simulation

Process simulation allows you to run a what-if analysis to test process changes and view their impact without committing resources. When vendors combine simulation with mining capabilities, the scenarios are anchored in data.

Prescriptive automation

Combining process mining and automation allows you to close the gap from insight to action to value. No-code integrations with ERP systems, cloud tools, and custom software enables easy corrective process automation to be deployed.

Integration with complementary tools

Creating a seamless discovery and enhancement experience is key to driving business outcomes. A key consideration is whether process mining can be integrated with existing technologies such as BI, eBPA, iPaaS, and RPA.

Pre-built solutions (or an App Marketplace)

Pre-built assets decrease time-to-value and showcase vendor experience for your specific use cases. Look for system connectors, analyses, machine learning models, and automations.

Enterprise readiness

Whether your data is held in the cloud or on-premise, sensitive data must be stored and handled securely. Checking your vendor’s security policies and accreditations is an important step of the evaluation process.

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Why Celonis process mining®?

Celonis process mining® technology is a Leader according to Gartner. In fact, more than 60% of companies that use process mining have chosen Celonis.

Thousands of companies have used Celonis to unlock millions of dollars in value

The greatest testament to the power of Celonis is the thousands of companies who have used it to unlock millions of dollars in value. More than +1,400 customers worldwide use Celonis process mining® — across every process, system, and industry.


A global leader in diagnostic solutions, Sysmex uses Celonis in Accounts Receivable to identify overdue payments — and start collecting them. In just one month, they recovered $3.4 million in overdue service contracts. They have since reduced their past-due receivables by 60%.

Deutsche Telekom

The telecom company deployed Celonis in Purchase-to-Pay, and saved €66M by maximizing tactical savings and tackling duplicate payments and cash discount losses. They’ve achieved a cash discount rate of 96%.

When you’re ready to experience the power of Celonis process mining®, we’re to help you every step of the way.

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