The Process Excellence Buyer’s Guide

The Process Mining Buyer’s Guide

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E-Book: The Process Mining Buyer's Guide

The Process Mining Buyer’s Guide

What’s the secret to successfully bringing Process Mining into your organization?

Here’s a hint: start small, find value, and scale.

Start your Process Mining Journey Today

Process Mining is one of the fastest growing categories in enterprise software. 

Over 50% of Fortune 500 companies are exploring Process Mining. Many companies are already seeing significant improvement in business outcomes, high ROI, and continue to scale their deployments. 

The Process Mining Buyer’s Guide serves as your first stop in bringing Process Mining & Execution Management into your business. 

In this Guide you will:

  • Learn about Process Mining & key ways to adopt it across your business

  • Assess your company’s process maturity

  • Discover how to find the best vendor & key questions to ask them

  • Identify top capabilities you should evaluate

  • Walk away with a clear understanding of how to kick start your Process Mining Journey

  • Access the latest independent market guides

  • Download a best practice RFP template  

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