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Become a partner and join our ecosystem of leaders who empower their clients to accelerate operations and transform for the future.

With the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud, you can deliver more value to the companies you work with, enabling them to purge friction from their processes and achieve operational flow.

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Why Enter a Partnership with Us?


New Business Opportunities

Work with the Gartner-recognized market leader to accelerate the business transformation of your clients and deliver high-value results using our best-in-class technology. Deepen your relationship with existing customers and win new clients.


Comprehensive Offering

Provide your clients a comprehensive offering for end-to-end business transformation. Build complimentary solutions around our process mining technology or support joint clients with technical implementation, strategy development and change management.



Enhance various client initiatives like system migrations, RPA or the establishment of shared service centers by creating new offerings based on our technology.

Being Part of the Celonis Partner Ecosystem

Our Partner Program is designed to get you up and running as fast as possible to deliver breakthrough results to your customers.

Grow your expertise

Become a Celonis-certified specialist on various levels using the flexible options for enablement and re-certification of our Celonis Academy.

Create your own solutions

Get your own Celonis environment to develop solutions tailored to the needs of your clients.

Leverage our existing infrastructure

Join forces with our experienced sales and delivery teams and take advantage of go-to-market materials for every process, industry and use case. Use our demo cloud to showcase the technology to prospects and create โ€œah-haโ€ moments.

Spread the word with us

Work on joint marketing initiatives such as webinars, trade fairs, journal articles, etc. and benefit from our co-marketing funds.

Tobias Unger

โ€œWe believe that process mining is not only fundamentally transforming business process management and optimization but also smart automation and robotics workforce across all industries. With Celonis we have a partner that is at the forefront of Process Mining and Business Transformation.โ€

Tobias Unger
Head of AI & Automation Central Europe

Join the Celonis Partner Ecosystem

Weโ€™re always expanding our partner network. Letโ€™s work together to develop next-generation offerings and co-create success stories with our joint customers.

Karina Vogl

Karina Vogl

Partner Management EMEA

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Vince Barrett

Vince Barrett

Partner Management Americas

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Marc Kinast

Marc Kinast

Global Business Development

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Christoph Kisker

Christoph Kisker

Celonis for Consulting

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