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Welcome to the AcCelorate Partner Program

Designed to set our business partners up for success.

Celonis partners are essential to helping our joint customers eliminate execution barriers, maximize execution capacity, and achieve breakthroughs in business performance. Here, you will gain access to training, certifications, Celonis technology, teams, and resources, to deliver best-in-class solutions to your customers. Together, let’s build the world’s leading Process Mining and Execution Management business and community.

Why join AcCelorate?

Accelerate customer value

Embark on a journey of revenue and profitability, across all go-to-market motions. Digitize your services. Accelerate the delivery of substantial value to your customers.

Get set up for success

Enroll and complete the tailored Celonis training tracks and certifications in our Partner Portal to ensure your skills are unmatched in the industry.

Enjoy continuous enablement

Continue your enablement journey through our free certification vouchers, exam discounts, continuous learning webinars, and our brand new Master Class Program.

Harness rich benefits

Unlock unique benefits as you climb the program levels – from Certified, to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. Get rewarded for your investment and expertise in Celonis.

Ready to seize unlimited opportunities?

Let us help you deliver long-term value to your customers at scale. AcCelorate offers a point-based structure where partners are recognized for their broader engagements and collaboration with Celonis as they climb up the tier levels. This framework sets the foundation for unlimited collaboration opportunities in the future.

Sign Up to become a Partner

Develop and create your own assets on the Celonis Execution Management Platform. Digitize your expertise and enrich your offerings. 


Work with Celonis to win the market. Offer Execution Management solutions to new and existing customers. Earn and deepen their trust.


Drive successful Execution Management implementations. Deliver massive customer value and ensure long-term adoption and retention of your customers.

Meet our Titanium Service Partners

Our Titanium Partners have the highest level of investment and commitment leveraging Celonis in all lines of their business. With our strategic alliance, together, we are taking the Celonis EMS to market at unprecedented scale and speed.

Ready to get started?

Join our ecosystem today.

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