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There is a new and powerful formula for transformation: Find, Frame, and Fix.


Our Partnership

Innovating together to redefine how work flows

Transformation has a new and powerful formula: Find, Frame, and Fix. ServiceNow and Celonis are on a mission to help companies thrive in the new world of work by maximizing the impact and return on their digital transformation investments. Our partnership combines ServiceNow’s leading low-code workflow platform with the real-time process execution capabilities of the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) to deliver transformation at the speed of business!

Celonis Finds the hidden inefficiencies within business processes, and Frames the impact in terms of ROI and savings. ServiceNow Fixes the broken work by modernizing existing workflows, remediating exceptions via automation, and enriching existing work with real time process intelligence from the Celonis EMS. 

Celonis and ServiceNow will jointly deliver solutions to help customers identify and prioritize processes that are suitable for automation, then create digital workflows to optimize them for seamless digital operations. As a result, customers will have a deeper understanding of how work moves across the enterprise and be able to act on insights that make work better and accelerate optimal, digital, business outcomes.

Bill McDermott

“There is an innovation explosion underway as business leaders face do-or-die moments to profoundly evolve business models and accelerate the digital imperative. ServiceNow and Celonis are joining forces to help companies solve the greatest challenges of our time by unleashing the power of digital transformation at the workflow level. The workflow revolution has arrived, and we are leading this once-in-a-generation opportunity to make work better for everyone.”

Bill McDermott
CEO ServiceNow
Alexander Rinke

“We believe that the winners in digital innovation will be the companies that put data to work in every facet of business execution. This partnership with ServiceNow, the gold standard for digital workflow globally, underscores just how data is radically revolutionizing enterprise software. We are building Celonis to be the most innovative and trusted partner to every leader, team, and organization utilizing data execution to transform and strengthen their business.”

Alex Rinke
Co-founder and Co-CEO

Our Partnership in Action

ServiceNow - blog banner

ServiceNow and Celonis Form Strategic Partnership to Redefine How Work Flows

New solutions will enable companies to accelerate digital innovation to help improve customer satisfaction, drive revenue growth, and improve cash flow and operating margins.

ServiceNow, a strategic Celonis partner, launched the survey along with its Winter 2022 edition of Workflow magazine, which focused on optimization. Here Celonis co-CEO Alex Rinke and ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott outline a strategic partnership.

The Next Evolution of Business Execution

ServiceNow CEO, Bill McDermott and Celonis co-CEO and co-founder, Alex Rinke announce our strategic partnership during the 2021 Celonis World Tour.


Celonis and ServiceNow: The Final Piece of the Digital Transformation Puzzle

From how it all began to the rise of enterprise digital transformation and the new business reality, read Alex Rinke’s blog on our journey to completing digital transformation with ServiceNow.

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