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Find, frame, and fix broken work with Connected Solutions


A connected partnership supercharging performance 

Celonis and ServiceNow have combined technologies and expertise so organizations can perform at the highest possible level. Press, analysts, and customers got it, and voted with their headlines when we announced our partnership. 

How we work: Celonis finds and frames inefficiencies in business processes, and ServiceNow fixes them. We do this with Connected Solutions – business applications built with the world’s best process intelligence and hyper-automation platforms around common use cases. 

Our Connected Solutions help organizations modernize, remediate, and enrich work. In weeks, not months.

Celonis and ServiceNow’s Connected Solutions deliver: 

  • A modern engagement layer across systems that automates & orchestrates processes

  • Standard & custom workflows that fix what’s broken in core enterprise processes

  • Continuous process intelligence to your fingertips, across enterprise systems, to find & frame what’s broken

  • Real-time process execution insights surfaced in ServiceNow to execute (fix) the problems

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Systems Integrators, this one’s for you

Celonis and ServiceNow need you to make the world work better.

We deliver our Connected Solutions with the help of Systems Integrators, combining Celonis and ServiceNow implementation experience with industry expertise.

By partnering with us, Systems Integrators stand to increase demand generation and customer engagement, and transform work for good.

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IRM explainer video

Together, Celonis and SeviceNow’s connected Integrated Risk Management solution delivers real-time and continuous control monitoring across the enterprise. Step into our world with our 1-miute explainer IRM video

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Connected Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

Celonis, ServiceNow, and KPMG have teamed up to launch Connected Integrated Risk Management (IRM), the first in a portfolio of connected solutions. Read more about it.

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New Integrated Risk Strategy from Celonis and ServiceNow

We’re revolutionizing the risk landscape with a comprehensive, connected approach. Be part of it by learning how to align your people, processes, and technology with our powerful formula for transformation. 

Bill McDermott

“There is an innovation explosion underway as business leaders face do-or-die moments to profoundly evolve business models and accelerate the digital imperative. ServiceNow and Celonis are joining forces to help companies solve the greatest challenges of our time by unleashing the power of digital transformation at the workflow level. The workflow revolution has arrived, and we are leading this once-in-a-generation opportunity to make work better for everyone.”

Bill McDermott
CEO ServiceNow
Alexander Rinke

“We believe that the winners in digital innovation will be the companies that put data to work in every facet of business. This partnership with ServiceNow, the gold standard for digital workflow globally, underscores just how data is radically revolutionizing enterprise software. We are building Celonis to be the most innovative and trusted partner to every leader, team, and organization utilizing data and processes to transform and strengthen their business.”

Alex Rinke
Co-founder and Co-CEO

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