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The Ecosystem Apps give you access to decades of expertise and the latest best practices based on thousands of implementations, in dozens of industries, across every major source system.

Meet the Ecosystem Apps

What are they?

Celonis Ecosystem Apps empower business users to apply data and intelligence to how they sell, ship, collect, buy and pay — without having to swap out or change the underlying transaction systems.

How do they work?

Apps know which gaps have the biggest business impact and the best-in-class approach to fix them. They act by automating routine decisions and, when necessary, they activate the right people to take action.

Who are they for?

Apps are designed to empower every role in a department, from business executives to the people executing by delivering operational insights and recommendations to maximize execution capacity.

Find the right solution for you!

We have hundreds of ecosystem apps for various departments, industries, systems, processes and business areas. Find out more by speaking with one of our experts!

Want to build your own?

Join our ecosystem of customers, partners and third-party developers developing their own apps and instruments using Celonis Studio.

Celonis Studio
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