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At Celonis we’re helping companies change the way they work, so we can all do our part to ensure a better future for all.

Our values help us get there.

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The Celonis Way Header
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Learn how we bring our values to life through personal stories from our leaders.

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Live for Customer Value

Customer Value

We believe customer trust is earned by creating value. So we measure our success in customer outcomes and measure innovation by the value it delivers. When our customers do better, we do better.

Customer Value
Kris Cherukuri - Sysmex

“The one thing with Celonis that is great is it’s not just a tool. It’s a team that is committed to our success.”

Kris Cherukuri
Director, Enterprise Systems
Peter Tasev - Deutsche Telekom Celonis

”The vision I have is that in five years’ time, nobody will need to touch our transactional systems unless Celonis suggests it.”

Peter Tasev
Senior Vice President of Procure-to-Pay
Deutsche Telekom Services Europe
Jörg Dörries Celonis headshot

“Living for customer value is not just a 9:00 to 5:00 mindset — it’s an attitude. When customers need us, we are there to help them.”

Jörg Dörries
Head of Customer Support
Sabeth Steiner Celonis

“Listening is key to understanding our customers’ challenges. It’s not just about delivering what the customer is asking for, but discovering together how to deliver the best possible solution.”

Sabeth Steiner
Vice President Product Management, Boards & Analytics

Miguel Milano

Hear from Miguel Milano, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Owner, about how living for customer value is a state of mind.

Customer Success

$20M saved

through case handling time improvements in Customer Service

96% perfect purchase order rate

increased from 73%

$40M saved

by accelerating rollout and improving post-deployment adoption during SAP IT System Migration

How we live this value

Proof-of-Value Exercise

As part of our sales process, we engage customers in a unique weeklong POV exercise that demonstrates value before they purchase our software.

Celonis Partner Ecosystem

Our customers are able to be successful thanks to our global network of Partners. With our Partners we provide Apps that help customers get value faster.

Business Value Architects

BVAs work side by side with our customers to help them achieve their strategic goals and realize significant value using Celonis.

Celonis Academy

We offer free training for our customers in six languages 24/7 and currently have over 150K learners.

The Best Team Wins

Best Team

We believe our people make us who we are. We dream big and work hard as a diverse, passionate, humble, and curious team relentless in our path to growth. And this brings value to all other stakeholders.

Best Team
Franziska Peraus - headshot

“When developing new solutions, it’s super exciting to see how people from various departments get together and really care about creating the best outcome for everyone. What unites us all — across the globe — is we are playing for Team Celonis.”

Franziska Peraus
Team Lead Sales Systems
Kevin Blair, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition Celonis

“Diverse companies perform better. That’s a fact. At Celonis, we believe that the best teams win, and the best teams are diverse ones.”

Kevin Blair
Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition
Costanza Scarpa Celonis

“A problem shared is a problem halved, and work is that much easier when you’re surrounded by smart, resourceful people ready to work on it together. Everybody has something to bring to the table — different strengths, experiences, opinions.”

Costanza Scarpa
Senior Content Marketing Writer

Bastian Nominacher

Hear from Bastian Nominacher, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, about the key ingredients to building a winning team.

The winners of the German President Award 2019

Winning the 2019 German President’s Award

From Jerome Geyer-Klingeberg, Head of Academic Alliance

Jerome headshot - small/long

In November 2019, Celonis won the German President’s Award - marking the first time in history that a company was nominated and honored in “software and algorithm-based innovation.” After a year-long rigorous and technical application process, we made it to the final round. During the nomination period, we designed our own campaign and asked every Celonaut how they would imagine a #frictionlessfuture with Celonis. They shared amazing stories, designed new apps, and thought of new visions and ideas for our contribution to society.

The night of the award show, over 100 Celonauts gathered for a viewing party in our Munich office. The founders, our project team, and a few of our first Celonauts and customers were at the live event with the German President in Berlin. The energy felt like watching a football championship and winning was a truly historic moment for Celonis. After we won, the jury praised our commitment and innovative spirit of our team.

Now, Celonis is showcased in a special exhibition at the German Museum of Technology in Munich. When asked what the founders wanted to do with the award money, the answer was simple: give back to society, acknowledge and appreciate their own roots, and create future value. So, we launched the global Celonis Aspire program to support equal access to education. Learn more

The winners of the German President Award 2019

We Own It

We Own It

We believe accountability builds trust. We make data-driven decisions and take responsibility for our stakeholders with a founder’s mentality. All while embracing a spirit of resourcefulness and problem-solving.

We Own It
Divya Krishnan

“To me, it’s about collective ownership: when you push yourself to make that deck just a little bit better, when someone else trades ideas to make your feature just a little bit stronger, when you work with someone else to make sure their deal closes, or when you help a customer through a tricky process so they feel comfortable.”

Divya Krishnan
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Natalie Eisenhut

“When I went to Japan to build out our new office, I was involved in everything from hiring to winning our first customer. Having the opportunity to drive something of this scale and own it was really exciting.”

Natalie Eisenhut
Head of Solution Engineering, Japan
Remy Lazarovici

“Ownership is a team sport. You can only own it if you let other people own it too. I am so happy this is one of our core values, as it defines not just the way we work together but also how we continue to grow as a team and as a company.”

Remy Lazarovici
Senior Vice President Sales EMEA

How we live this value

Employee Stock Option Plan

Every Celonaut literally owns it, because we’re all partial owners in the company.

Bayerischer Rundfunk: our origin story

It all started with an idea. Three university students were asked to fix an IT service problem for a Bavarian broadcasting company. After considering traditional methods of process improvement, they thought, “There has to be a better way.” And so, Celonis was born…

1,500 handwritten letters

Our founders wanted some of the world's biggest companies to support Celonis when we were just a lean start up, so they decided to take an innovative approach. So they sent 1,500 handwritten letters to executives of German businesses, and dozens of them turned into solid sales leads.

Earth Is Our Future

Earth Is Our

We believe in doing business that is good for people and the planet. We put our technology into the hands of those who will use it for good - through our Academy and nonprofit programs. We help our customers make their processes more sustainable and less wasteful. We’re committed to running our company in an environmentally sustainable way. Because, we are doing our part to ensure a better future for all.

Earth Is Our