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Dispatches from Celonis Prishtina - Development Center of Excellence: Two Years of Our Superfluid Journey

Two years might sound like a short time, but the achievements made in Celonis – Prishtina Office during these two years are both extraordinary and admirable. We started with 5 people; to this day, we have grown to 50 and we are still growing, not only in terms of employees but also departments and offices. All this thanks to the wonderful and talented staff who work tirelessly on a product which enables leading global companies to improve their processes and facilitate their digital transformation.

How it all started?

Five years ago, Bardh was attending his graduate studies at the Technical University in Munich, meanwhile working in Celonis. Noting the fast-pacing growth of the company and the demand for Engineering human resources, Bardh came up with the idea of opening an office in Kosovo. The management fully agreed and we started to roll out the program. Everything began with a small team of five very talented and ambitious people, who shortly after managed to grow and expand with new offices and departments. Besides working on the product itself, Bardh was motivated to open an office in Kosovo for the positive impact it would have on the developer community, providing them with the opportunity to grow professionally through mentorship programs, training, and internal meetings the company offers for every employee.

What do we do?

Processes are everywhere. They are a part of every company. Most of these processes are guided by different IT systems, where the digital footprints contain valuable data to be explored. Our technology enables clients to upload the history of all this data, exposing the actual path of the process, meanwhile identifying the deviations which occur during a process. In essence, this is the actual goal of the Process Mining technology, which is the backdrop of our product – Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud.

The Prishtina office team is focused on the development of this product which is the most powerful tool in the world for analyzing, processing, and transforming all business processes, supported by different IT systems. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work on a product which is utilized daily by world-renowned companies such as BMW, Uber, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, and many more.

Professional growth is the essence of our company, and this is provided through the Personal Development Plan for employees, which offers them opportunities to attend training and workshops inside and outside of the company. Taking into account the experience and career of our employees, the exchange of best practices and knowledge is an excellent opportunity to learn from each other. Furthermore, our aim is to share this wealth of knowledge and experience with the IT community in Kosovo, and we do it through monthly Developer Meetup@Celonis events, during which the attendees discuss different technology-related topics.

Another path of advancement for the young technology enthusiasts is their involvement in our Path to Excellence (P2E) educational program. The aim of this program is to train them on the technologies we work with, and take them into our team after finishing the internship period and the milestones they have to in order to be a part of our company. Cultivating a healthy social environment is another element we put our efforts to. In this light, every Friday we come together for a “Friday Evening Beer” after work. We color these evenings with different themed activities such as 80s fashion and music, and sometimes we just sit together and talk about anything and everything. Moreover, every three months we organize an all-staff weekend outing, where we get the change to relax and energize together. Rafting in Permet, skiing in Mavrova are just a couple of outings we have taken together.

These activities and many others make us feel comfortable and close to one another, and they are a regular part of our company. Their aim is to bring to life our core principles: culture, strategy, work.

Why Celonis?

To begin with, Celonis is a leader in the process mining industry: its net-worth is more than 2.5 billion dollars and globally it has around 900 employees. It’s worth mentioning that half of them became a part of our company last year. This is a clear indication of the company’s fast-paced and exponential growth. What makes Celonis special are the culture we bring to life, the technology with which we work, the unique product we develop, the many prestigious awards we have won, the professional advancement it offers for the employees, the opportunity to be a co-owner of the company (ESOP), and many other elements which make Celonis the most sought-after technology company.

In two years

Currently, in Kosovo there are more than 50 Celonauts and counting. Almost every month we have new joiners which become a part of our team. All this thanks to the tireless work done by our wonderful team. We are fully committed to harnessing the potential of Kosovo tech professionals in transforming the processes of companies all around the globe. The enthusiasm and hard work of our team in Celonis - Prishtina Office are a strong assurance that this happens.

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Shpend Sadiku
Local Marketing & Talent Acquisition Manager
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