Process Monitoring

Celonis’ process monitoring capabilities help you stay process-smart for the long haul. 

Keep a close eye on all of your process improvement initiatives and get a quick, easy overview of the money and time you’ve saved with Celonis so far — and the next set of opportunities on the horizon.

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What is process monitoring?

Process monitoring means keeping an ongoing eye on your enterprise’s processes by tracking and regularly evaluating key data points associated with the processes being monitored. 

For example, imagine a business’s finance department that recently optimized their Accounts Payable (AP) processes. They may use process monitoring to see how closely AP teams are able to adhere to the new processes over time. In that example, a process monitoring program, like Celonis’ Process Adherence Manager, could show the intended paths and timelines of newly-optimized AP processes, and then reveal how often AP teams were able to actually adhere to them.

Celonis Process Adherence Manager

Keep driving the right process behavior

Achieving process conformance is easier than ever with the Process Adherence Manager.

Identify your processes’ ideal paths and make sure you stay on the right track. With the Process Adherence Manager, see a stencil of your target processes aligned to your live processes as they currently run. Visualize all the deviations and identify the root causes in a single view.

Process Sphere GIF
Process Sphere GIF

Celonis Transformation Hub

Know and show the value process mining generates

See exactly how massive the impact of your Process Intelligence investment is. The Transformation Hub is a central place for you to understand value in your process mining practice, including: 

  • Value that’s waiting in opportunities Celonis has uncovered

  • Value you’ve already generated using the Celonis platform

The Transformation Hub makes it simple to tag, track, and pull opportunities and results to share with anyone, no matter the audience.

Transformation Hub - Value Report
Transformation Hub - Value Report

Process Monitoring FAQs

What are the benefits of process control?

Process control — that is, when your processes stay on the happy paths you want them to stay on — gives you more agency, transparency, and predictability in your business.

If your enterprise is invested in ongoing process optimization, it’s important to monitor how closely your processes actually conform to the happy paths you’ve identified. Organized, intentional process control will help you keep your process optimization efforts on track.

Conformance checking, which you can do with process control and process monitoring tools like the Process Adherence Manager, allows you to use event logs to check whether or not your processes are proceeding as intended.

How does process monitoring help with process control?

Process monitoring helps with process control by giving you accurate, up-to-date information on how your processes are actually working. With process monitoring, you can see where processes are running as intended and where processes are deviating, so that you can then take steps to correct anything off-course. Process monitoring is a crucial part of long-term, successful process control.

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