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Celonis World Tour 2023 Logo

Die Process Mining Roadshow

Zehn Städte. Eine Mission.
Rapid cash impact.

We reveal and fix the inefficiencies you can’t see.

The average company runs their processes over hundreds of systems that don’t play nice together.

This leaves a lot of room for inefficiencies to hide.

These process inefficiencies are the silent killers to performance.

They hurt your business.

They hurt the planet even more.

We are the system of performance that removes inefficiencies.

Our Execution Management System finds and fixes hidden inefficiencies, fast. It connects data across your systems, apps and desktops. Gives you the straight-up digital truth of how business is being executed. Applies process intelligence to coordinate all the moving parts across people, processes, and technologies. Empowering your teams to reach new levels of performance. 

Get a 360 view of your business execution

See how your business really works. Gain a precise, 360-degree-view of the processes within your enterprise. And find out if they are money-makers or money-takers. 

Give a brain to your processes

You’re the business expert, but you can’t possibly know how every single process works, every single time. Afterall, Batman had Alfred. Sherlock had Watson. Cher had Sonny. And Skywalker had R2D2. Now you have Celonis.

Reach new levels of performance

By fixing the inefficiencies you can't see, or recommending the best action when a human is needed, you'll perform at levels you never thought possible.

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