Execute Without Limits: Meet C4C+

The new Celonis for Consulting program, C4C+, opens access to Celonis Process Mining and Execution Management technology to worldwide consulting firms and system integrators. It allows them to use the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) without limits on the number of users, client projects, duration, and processes. The program includes free training, support and access to a dedicated Project Hub to manage the consulting projects.

Our vision is that the Celonis EMS will sit on every consultant’s computer and is as pervasive and essential as Excel

Looking to gain a real competitive edge, accelerate process discovery, and customer value delivery?

There has to be a different way

As a consultant, you’re no stranger to the slow and painful old way of investigating client problems: process mapping.

You may still be relying on sticky notes and drawn-out, subjective interviews to piece together process puzzles.

So, you create a flow chart of how the process is supposedly happening today with little visibility of what will happen tomorrow. It’s impossible to quantify your results, and deriving the value of your recommendations is a guessing game.

There has to be a different way.

But sophisticated process discovery products can be expensive and difficult to get started with –– until now.

Become a true strategic advisor for your clients

C4C+ offers unlimited availability of the Celonis EMS to consultants worldwide. Bring C4C+ into your strategy and start developing long-term client engagements –– built on trust and your expertise –– today.

When you sign up for C4C+, you can immediately start digitizing your process discovery and execution gap analysis –– all while accelerating time-to-value.


Step out of the basement and into the boardroom and become a true strategic advisor for your clients. Give accurate data-driven recommendations from day one. Say good-bye to sticky notes and manual flow charts. Forget subjective interviews with clients that simply don’t have time.

Screenshot - Action Engine Inbox --large

It’s easier and faster than ever to visualize and quantify the execution gaps limiting your clients’ execution capacity. Build repeatable, scalable solutions and deliver Execution Apps on top of the process data sitting at the heart of every enterprise.

AP Execution App Screenshot - Steering

Upgrade to C4C+ Execution and give your clients direct access to your project. With the full capabilities of the EMS, now you can actually show them what needs to change –– and change it. Start embedding data and intelligence into your service portfolio and transform every insight into long-term sustainable customer value.

System Migration Demo
Screenshot - Action Engine Inbox --large
AP Execution App Screenshot - Steering
System Migration Demo

Who doesn’t want a competitive edge?

 Execute without limits

Gain unlimited access to Celonis EMS capabilities to deliver value to your clients. 

Stand out from the rest

Accelerate and differentiate your existing consulting offerings and create new revenue streams.

Delight Customers

Provide clients a simple access to projects running on Celonis EMS and drive faster adoption.

2560x1440-C4C+Execution-web-image white bkg

C4C+ Execution: Take full ownership of client interaction

C4C+ Execution goes much further by granting your clients full access to the platform so they can see what’s happening in real-time alongside you. It helps transform project insights into long-term sustainable customer value.
Say goodbye to the archaic “project-to-project” delivery model. No more static screenshots in a slide deck. Get your hands on the Celonis EMS and become a true strategic advisor for your clients. 
Once registered in the C4C+ Project Hub, you can easily upgrade to C4C+ Execution at an affordable price. The result? Longer client engagements, more trust, and faster time-to-value.

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