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Supply Chain Transformation

The race for customers is won and lost on the supply chain track. Remove inefficiencies from your supply chain, ​to win and retain even more customers.

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You only get one shot.

Let’s face facts. Rapid swings in demand against a backdrop of unreliable inventory and ongoing labor shortages are not exactly a picnic. 

Balancing costs and service levels right now is like walking a tightrope while juggling baby elephants, and it’s not helped by the infinite variety of the orders coming in. 

Thankfully, you have an ace up your sleeve — it’s flawless Order Management. 

You only get one shot with your customer before your NPS goes to hell in a handbasket. Let’s make it count.

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Impress right off the bat with the Celonis EMS

Deliver on time

Automate, expedite or remove the blockers that get in the way of on-time delivery, like delivery date changes and credit checks.

Cut costs

Increase your touchless order rate and blow up your margins — for example by automating sales order entry with 100% accuracy.

Drive satisfaction

If you know how likely you are to deliver on time, you can set the right expectations and automatically jump in to fix things before they go awry.

This is how we help

Operate - OM Ex App - Team Lead View

Operate proactively amidst uncertainty

Control the controllables by building the kind of processes that can adapt around a black swan event.

Operate - OM Ex App - Team Lead View
Automation - Late Delivery Action Flow

Achieve your automation aspirations

Leverage robust automation that doesn’t fail in the face of volatility — whether internal process changes or external disruption.

Automation - Late Delivery Action Flow
Sustainabilty - OM - Sustainability Business View

Deliver on sustainability

Reduce your carbon footprint while improving service levels by assessing emissions per order and intelligently handle orders such as bundling for sustainable distribution.

Sustainabilty - OM - Sustainability Business View

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