Core Solutions

Celonis for Supply Chain

Process-led supply chain transformation

Everyone knows we need a new model for supply chain, but current transformation efforts aren’t working. Process-led supply chain transformation gets your supply chain working as one, by fixing the processes that make it run. Fix each process individually. Link everything holistically. Break the blame chain, finally.

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Break the blame chain once and for all

Everyone knows today’s supply chain model isn’t meeting today’s demands, but transformation efforts only seem to entrench the blame chain — metrics you can’t move, a feeling of disempowerment, and a lot of finger pointing.  But that’s because everyone’s looking in the wrong direction. Celonis is the first solution that allows you to get your supply chain working as one, by fixing the processes that make it run; flexibly layering on top of all the tools you already use — in supply chain and beyond.


What does that look like in action?

Improve service levels

Improve on-time, in-full delivery Prioritize and action credit & delivery blocks for key customers 

Reduce stockouts  Identify alternate sources of stock and prioritize based on impact  

Improve supplier reliability   Operate with realistic lead times to ensure uninterrupted supply

Optimize working capital

Accelerate slow moving inventory Identify and resolve where inventory is getting stuck to prevent inventory build up Reduce excess inventory Update safety stocks based on actual consumption and replenishment trends Prevent early payments Resolve payment term mismatches to meet supplier and working capital objectives

Contain costs

Reduce operating costs Eliminate unnecessary touches and prevent purchasing of inventory in excess Reduce spot purchasing Leverage existing freight & logistics contracts to meet demand Minimize contract leakage Eliminate contract leakage and analyze spend to create new contracts