Celonis Execution Management System (EMS)

The Celonis Studio

Celonis Studio's low-code development environment lets anyone combine analytics and execution capabilities. Build apps and views that you can share with colleagues or publish to the Celonis Marketplace. Build, publish and deploy expertise in days, not weeks using the Celonis Studio.

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Why should you use the Celonis Studio?

Build bespoke applications and views designed to tackle your specific business challenges. You can also benefit from others’ expertise and share your own in the Celonis Marketplace. With the Celonis Studio’s low-code environment, anyone can be a developer!

Create Role-Specific Views

Make sure users only see analyses that matter to them and tailor views for each business role, from executives to individual contributors.

Platform Pages Studio View GIF
Platform Pages Studio View GIF

Turn insight into action using Applications

Reveal the known and hidden inefficiencies that are silently killing your business performance.

Combine data, process intelligence and action into a purpose-built application.

Identify and measure inefficiencies in your processes – and their impact on business outcomes.

Document your process knowledge using Knowledge Models

Standardize and package business context for reuse across all of your implementations.

Knowledge Models GIF
Knowledge Models GIF

Celonis Studio for Partners

Partners can scale and monetize knowledge and expertise for your customers. Get going quickly using the low-code environment and deliver value at scale, leveraging the Celonis Marketplace.

Talk to a Celonis Expert

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