The Road to Go-Live Handbook


the road to go live handbook celonis

With the Go-Live Handbook you will learn

System migrations can be tricky. Whether you’re aiming to upgrade, consolidate, or harmonize your legacy systems, or maybe even switch vendors, these initiatives come at a cost — not only the price tag of the migration itself but also the risks to your business. Gartner estimates that 60% of ERP migrations are perceived as having failed because they’re believed to have compromised the business.

The good news? They don’t have to.

This Road to Go-Live Handbook is your guide for running a truly data-driven system migration. Get system migration best practices on how to mitigate risks and costs, and how the Celonis Execution Management (EMS) can support each phase of your system migration, from understanding and standardizing your processes pre-migration to maximizing ROI and business value post go-live.

Get the e-book to learn how to:

  • Standardize and optimize processes pre-migration
  • Automate process documentation and process mapping
  • Accelerate fit-gap analysis
  • Smooth the path to user adoption post go-live

Book Highlights

Discover a better way to map processes

Say goodbye to old-school, subjective, and time-consuming Process Mapping methods — and hello to a truly objective, immediate, and data-driven way to visualize your processes.


Mind the gaps in your fit-gap analysis

Get hands-on tips about how you can leverage data-driven insights in your fit-gap analysis to highlight deltas and reveal their root causes.


Bulletproof change management & hypercare

Learn how the EMS can help you intelligently monitor and drive user adoption, answer critical questions about user behavior, and guide both users and managers towards success. 

———————————————————————————— Discover system migration best practices 

Embarking on your own system migration? See the challenges industry leaders have faced and how Celonis helped them along the way. ———————————————————————————— Get your free copy of the Road to Go-Live Handbook.

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