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We all know system transformation is a rough ride. Let Celonis help you avoid the pitfalls. We make sure you’re on the right path to maximize success.

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System transformation without the uncertainty.

Companies are hesitant to start their system transformation. No surprise, when the majority end in failure, compromising the business. But why?

Alignment between IT and business is tough, there’s a high degree of operational risk, and underlying process problems are not well understood. We’re here to help.

We support you across all phases of your system transformation journey: pre, during, and post. We help you understand business processes across all systems, standardize and harmonize where needed, and continually monitor and improve.

If we make it sound easier, it’s because we know it can be.

Celonis System Transformation Explained

The Celonis EMS helps at every step of the journey

Build a business case pre-transformation

Get total, objective visibility into your processes so you can analyze where the opportunities are, simulate the impact of your transformation and build an air-tight business case.

Define the best processes for your business

From objective fit-gap analysis to tracking user adoption, make sure your transformation journey stays on track, on scope and on budget — and delivers value as fast as possible.

Go from strength to strength post-transformation

Make sure your processes are working as intended and you are getting the full benefit of your  system transformation. Continuous improvement is the name of the game here.

Feature highlights

Celonis multi event log capability for system migration

Define your “to-be” process

Build your own platinum standard “to-be model”, combining your unique business needs with industry best practices. Compile factual process models, reflecting the reality of how your processes actually run across all of your enterprise systems. Check conformance and perform fit-gap analysis using real data, not gut feel.

Celonis multi event log capability for system migration
Analyze SAP transaction codes for an optimized SAP migration to S/4HANA with Celonis

Bulletproof your rollout strategy

Optimize the rollout strategy for your new system with transaction code analysis. For example, understand which customizations are used in your systems, and if they are adding value to your business.

Analyze SAP transaction codes for an optimized SAP migration to S/4HANA with Celonis
Continuous process improvement for P2P. Monitoring business performance post go-live with Celonis EMS.

Drive continuous process improvement

Maximize ROI by understanding ongoing process performance. Focus on the right battles by setting and monitoring targets for the new system operations. Turn your system migration into an enterprise transformation, by improving processes and driving outcomes way beyond Go-Live.

Continuous process improvement for P2P. Monitoring business performance post go-live with Celonis EMS.

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