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Process Excellence

Big wins are easy when you know where to look. We give you an accurate view of your processes as they happen and reveal the opportunities to improve, so you can drive immediate impact.

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Inside your company, there’s a better version of itself trying to get out.

But multiple factors — like system silos, market changes, and talent shortages — increase complexity across people, processes, and technology. Blockers, delays and manual workarounds feel inevitable Common approaches, such as sticky notes and workshops are woefully inadequate when it comes to pinpointing where the issues lie. 

Process Mining gives you a real-time X-ray of your business processes — a living, breathing, moving picture of how they actually run. 

By getting total, objective visibility over your business you can reveal and fix inefficiencies killing your business performance, no rip and replace required.

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The first step to enterprise transformation

Increase productivity

Find process inefficiencies, understand why they’re happening and quantify their impact on cycle time, rework rate, costs and more.

Improve compliance

Identify when and where your process has deviations and why they’re happening so you can centralize, standardize, and keep a sterling reputation.

Enable prioritization and automation

Effectively prioritize and direct energy and resources where needed. Make data-driven decisions on automation.

Feature highlights

Process Explorer - Multiple Variants

Process Explorer

The Process Explorer shows you the most common path a process takes in your organization and surfaces all of the variations that are happening within that process in real time.

Process Explorer - Multiple Variants
Process Explorer - Execution Gaps

Process Analysis

Celonis surfaces inefficiencies, and calculates the impact on your business based on standard or custom key performance indicators (KPIs).

Process Explorer - Execution Gaps
Conformance Checker - Root Cause Analysis

Conformance Checker

Celonis also has built-in AI and machine learning to pinpoint what's causing violations as you go. This is useful to monitor your challenges and the impact they're having, without having to explore the process every time.

Conformance Checker - Root Cause Analysis

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Report The-State-of-Process-Excellence-Report

The State of Process Excellence report

We surveyed more than 500 process leaders across multiple industries to build a benchmark report that accurately represents the state of process excellence today, and this is the result.


Forrester Process Trends Report

“You can use process mining and documentation to provide objective analysis into the current state of business processes, offer speed to insight and the ability to scale, and drive common understanding and consensus to guide automation efforts.”

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