Celonis is winner of the German President Award 2019

The team at Celonis is proud and humbled to be the first software company ever to win the German President’s Award for our breakthrough innovations in Process Mining technology!

The vision of a Frictionless Future

Our founders present their vision for a future without process friction and how the Celonis technology contributes to it.

Martin Klenk - CTO

Martin Klenk - CTO

Bastian Nominacher - Co-CEO

Bastian Nominacher - Co-CEO

Alexander Rinke

Alexander Rinke - Co-CEO

About the German President’s Award

For the last 20 years, the German President’s Award has been the most prestigious honor given to businesses within the science and technology industry. The award was created to celebrate companies with outstanding ideas and innovations that pave the way for new industry advancements that make future-proof impacts on the industry as a whole, as well as science and technology consumers around the world.


The Process Mining Technology

New Business Technology for a New Digital World.

Every action a business makes leaves a digital footprint in various IT systems. Celonis Process Mining technology collects this data, and organizes it to create a visual representation of business processes, with 100% transparency. This generates key data-based insights for businesses, which Celonis uses to suggest the fastest and most impactful actions that should be taken to eliminate process friction, and achieve any business initiative, from reducing waiting times, to lowering costs, increasing productivity, and improving customer and employee satisfaction.

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Celonis on Monitor
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Meet Celonis

A Young Group of Innovators Digitally Transforming the Way Companies Operate

Born from a student start-up in 2011 by founders Alexander Rinke, Bastian Nominacher, and Martin Klenk, Celonis is now one of Germany's few “Startup Unicorns,” with offices established in major cities around the world. Today, the Celonis team has grown to employ over 700 cutting-edge innovators, all of them eager to help business add intelligence to their operations, remove all process friction to achieve constant acceleration, and ultimately become what we call a “Superfluid Enterprise.”

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Process Mining in Action

Turning Process Friction Into Exceptional Customer Experiences

More than 600 companies worldwide are making fast and intelligent process improvements with Celonis, and ultimately improving customer experiences. Lufthansa is using it to ensure their flights land on time, every time. Uniper provides a safer working environment for their employees, and Uber customer requests are now solved faster and easier than ever before. Businesses around the world are discovering the true power of Process Mining in action, and using it to solve an infinite amount of process issues to deliver exceptional employee and customer experiences.

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Join us on the way into the future and see how we can help you become the Superfluid Enterprise of tomorrow:

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Discover Process Mining

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Celonis Founders - Nomination German President Award 2019

Team Celonis Nominated for the 2019 German President's Award


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