The Celonis Way

The Celonis Way: Living Our Values, Leading with Value

Alexander Rinke --author image
by Alexander Rinke
July 26, 2020
4 min read

As we enter our tenth year in business, Celonis is poised to become one of the most impactful technology companies of the future. Today we are growing in triple digits year on year with more than 1,000 employees who together with our customers and partners, are proudly driving our vision forward. When I reflect on what got us to this place, it all comes back to our values and beliefs, and how we do business at Celonis. It comes back to the culture we created.

We lead with value, and live to deliver value.

Celonisโ€™s transformational technology is helping enterprises execute their operations more intelligently to achieve better outcomes. Customers like Siemens, Lโ€™Oreal and Uber are gaining measurable business value from highly automated, intelligent business processes. This in turn leads to increased enterprise productivity, happier employees and customers, better use of resources, and, ultimately a better world. .ย 

Today I am incredibly proud to share with you The Celonis Way - our company values. They are aligned with our four stakeholder groups - customers, employees, shareholders, and society, and capture how we operate and collaborate. Every action and idea is infused by these values. They impact our hiring, product development, and programs. They touch our brand, technology, operations, and our relationships with customers and partners. Our vision for the company is reinforced by these values.ย 

The Celonis Way:ย 

  • Live for Customer Value - Some companies live for customer satisfaction, we live for customer value. Thatโ€™s what sets us apart. We are committed to delivering value and measurable business outcomes. Our first customers essentially financed the business and were our first โ€œinvestorsโ€. Their trust in us is everything.

  • The Best Team Wins - We have always had a rigorous recruitment program, a full week of onboarding exercises, and believe every Celonaut has the three Cs: character, commitment, and capability. We celebrate our Celonauts - diverse, passionate, humble, curious talents, relentless in their quest to support our vision. We can only win as Celonis, as one team and itโ€™s our people who make us who we are.ย 

  • We Own It - We bring a strong sense of ownership and passion to the table in everything we do. Taking ownership is about taking accountability so we focus on the bigger picture and own the outcomes - for our customers, our team, and society. From day one, every Celonaut is given ownership and it is refreshing and exhilarating to see them run with it. Accountability breeds trust.

  • Earth Is Our Future - This value holds a special significance for me and is aligned to our โ€œsocietyโ€ stakeholder. We believe good business does good for people and the planet. Our product can have a tremendous impact on society, by achieving more outcomes from fewer resources. In addition to enabling customers to reduce waste, The Celonis Way also emphasizes ecological impact and social action as key components of sustainability. In line with this value, I am super excited to elevate Janina Nakladal to our Director of Sustainability. Janina is an exemplary Celonaut and will drive our sustainability agenda. Our full sustainability program will be unveiled in the fall of 2020.

  • FISA - None of the values stand alone, they always interact with each other. Tying them together is our operating principle, FISA, which surrounds and informs everything we do. It stands for FOCUS, INVENT, SIMPLIFY, ACT and guides all our thinking and actions. FISA tells us how we live The Celonis Way. We focus on what is important, we are inventors, we explore new territory. We keep things simple and have a bias for action. Already FISA has become shorthand in the company for โ€œare we living The Celonis Wayโ€?

With so many variables beyond our control during the pandemic, one guiding principle leaders can offer their people right now is a values compass. These values are our inner compass, guiding collaboration, decision-making, operational execution, and continued success. By living our values, we bring value to our stakeholders. Thatโ€™s the Celonis Way.

Values Compass
Alexander Rinke --author image
Alexander Rinke
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Under his leadership,โ€ฏCelonisโ€ฏhas been named by Gartner as the โ€œclear market leaderโ€ in the process mining category and has become one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies in the world.

Alexander has earned numerous awards and accolades including the โ€œRocket Mittelstandโ€ award, German Presidentโ€™s award, SaaS Award for Best Data-Driven SaaS Product, and more. He was listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2015, the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016 and was acknowledged with the Lรผnendonk-B2B-Service Award in 2019. โ€ฏ

Alexander studied Mathematics at Technical University of Munich and ร‰cole Polytechnique in Paris.โ€ฏโ€ฏ

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