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Join us for a comprehensive 3-part webinar series focused on revolutionizing supply chain management with Celonis and our guest expert from McKinsey & Company. In the first session, explore the dynamic trends and challenges in modern supply chains and discover the Supply Chain Command Center's transformative potential. The second webinar delves into a real-life case study, showcasing collaborative solutions between McKinsey and Celonis for significant inventory improvements. The final session highlights practical strategies for optimizing inventory management, featuring powerful tools and best practices to enhance efficiency and drive success.

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Webinar 1 | June 27, 2024

Optimizing Supply Chains: The Digital Twin Advantage

Webinar on-demand Join us for the first in a 3-part webinar series with guest experts from McKinsey. The first one-hour webinar "Optimizing Supply Chains: The Digital Twin Advantage", features Peter Budweiser, General Manager, Supply Chains at Celonis, and guest speaker, McKinsey expert associate partner Dr. Christoph Lennartz, who will delve into the evolving landscape of supply chain management and the transformative power of digital twin technology. Together, we will explore the dynamic trends shaping modern supply chains and the formidable challenges confronting businesses today. By understanding how these trends and challenges impact their organizations, they can better adapt and thrive in an increasingly complex marketplace.

Throughout the webinar, we will spotlight success stories and references, demonstrating the tangible benefits and ROI that can be achieved through the adoption of a digital twin approach. From enhanced visibility and predictive analytics to process optimization and cost savings, discover how organizations are unlocking unprecedented value!

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Webinar on-demand

A Celonis Webinar on A Real-Life Case Study in the Supply Chain Space

Webinar on demand In session two of our 3-part webinar series, join Celonis and guest speaker from McKinsey to discover firsthand what led to transformative solutions for a customer looking to achieve significant inventory improvements.

In this fireside chat, we’ll explore the intricacies of the challenges encountered by the customer, uncovering root causes and implications. We’ll discuss the approach, highlighting innovative solutions and strategies implemented to overcome these hurdles.

Through a detailed analysis of outcomes, including measurable impacts, attendees will gain valuable insights into the tangible benefits of effective supply chain management.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a real-life case study and engage in meaningful dialogue with industry experts. Join us and unlock the secrets to supply chain success.

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Webinar 3 | July 16th, 2024

A Celonis webinar on How to Optimize My Inventory : Best Practices To Get Started

Webinar 3 | July 16th, 2024 Join Celonis for our final webinar in this 3-part webinar series with guest speaker from McKinsey on 'How to Optimize Your Inventory? Best Practices to Get Started,' where you'll gain insight into the key methodologies for inventory management efficiency. Discover practical strategies and solutions to streamline your processes, ensuring peak performance for your business.

Central to our discussion will be the showcase of two powerful solutions: the Supply Chain Network Visibility App and the Material Allocation App. Through live demonstrations and customer success stories, you'll uncover how these tools can revolutionize your inventory management practices, driving tangible benefits for your business.

Take away key advantages, including cost reduction, enhanced customer satisfaction, and fortified supply chain resilience. Don't miss this opportunity to take your first step towards optimized inventory and set your business on the path to success.

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