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Executive Headshots

EMS: Alex

Alexander Rinke

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

EMS: Bastian

Bastian Nominacher

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

EMS: Martin

Martin Klenk

Co-Founder and CTO

EMS: Miguel

Miguel Milano

Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Owner

EMS: John

John Capaldi

SVP Sales, North America

EMS: Remy

Remy Lazarovici

SVP Sales, Europe

EMS: Arsenio

Arsenio Otero

Chief Operations Officer

EMS: Guido

Guido Torrini

Chief Financial Officer

EMS: Fabian

Fabian Veit

SVP People and Operations

EMS: Panayiotis

Panayiotis Vitakis

Chief Customer Officer

EMS: Hala

Hala Zeine

Chief Product Officer

EMS: Malhar

Malhar Kamdar

Chief Ecosystem Officer

EMS: Andre

Andrรฉ Heinz

Chief People & Culture Officer

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