Process Mining recognized by Financial Times as important big data trend
December 14, 2017

Patrick McGee, Frankfurt correspondent at the prestigious Financial Times, recently released a comprehensive article about the innovative big data technology Process Mining and outlined some really impressive results well-known companies like Siemens, Vodafone or APG were able to generate by implementing the Celonis Software.

At Siemens Celonis is considered an x-ray machine enabling them to spot inefficiencies in their processes right away, and it is used by more than 4,000 users in order to translate big data into โ€šsmart dataโ€™.

Financial Times not only emphasizes the leadership role Celonis plays in the industry, but even quotes early adopters saying that Process Mining as a โ€žconcept will eventually be as common as terms such as Industry 4.0 and predictive maintenanceโ€œ.

Read the full article here.

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Christoph Grossbaier
PR | Global