On-Demand Webinar

Leverage the Power of Process Mining to Transform the Top Supply Chain Metrics and KPIs

Supply chain optimization is crucial for any business looking to stay competitive and drive growth. So what’s the secret? In this webinar on-demand, learn how the top five supply chain KPIs can be transformed with process mining.

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Discover the Secret to Optimizing Your Supply Chain

Mastering your supply chain management KPIs is key to maintaining business success. But achieving true transformation can be a challenge without the right tools and strategies.

Join our experts for a discussion on the secret to supply chain transformation. You’ll learn how to improve the top five supply chain KPIs with process mining, so you can boost service levels, optimize cash, and contain cost in a balanced way.

Watch our experts talk about:

  • Insights into the common challenges that organizations face when trying to optimize their supply chain.
  • How process mining can be used to help pinpoint opportunities for improvement within your supply chain.
  • A deep dive into the top five supply chain KPIs, and how process mining acts as a powerful force multiplier across:
    • Perfect Order Index
    • Cash-to-Cash Time
    • Supply Chain Cycle Time
    • Fill Rate
    • Inventory Turnover


Fernando Miranda
Fernando Miranda
Principal Domain Expert, Supply Chain
Alejandra Quinones
Alejandra Quinones
Product Marketing Manager
Sahir Jiwani
Senior Product Manager
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