Celonis Academic Alliance presents Celonis Train-the-Teacher & Academic Roundtable

Celonis Train-the-Teacher Program

We have designed a Train-the-Teacher program dedicated to conveying knowledge about Process Mining, the Celonis Execution Management System and its industry applications. This training is tailored towards academics and lecturers that want to integrate Process Mining, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence into their classroom.

This is the one and only official training program for showcasing Celonis technology in the classroom.


4h theory & case study introduction

Agenda & Contents

The following topics will be covered as part of the session

  • Introduction to Process Mining Theory & Applications

  • Overview of Celonis Learning Platform and Academic Software

  • Order-to-Cash Case Study

    • Use and structure

    • Hands-on run-through

    • Solution approaches

    • Data upload

  • Interactive Discussion of Teaching Formats

  • How to get started

  • Further Resources

Trainer Session at SAP UGM 2019
Trainer Session at SAP UGM 2019

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Two for one: Join the US Academic Roundtable on 25 Feb!

**for US & Canada participants only**

Stemming from an Academic field, process mining has not only transformed enterprise-wide process analytics and business execution, but also research and curriculum. Celonis’ Academic Alliance is bringing value-creating applications into the classroom to equip the next generation of process miners. 

During this roundtable, our North American partnerships team and some incredible Academic partner speakers, invite you to join this discussion about what process mining is and how it can be applied in academia! Whether you are a current Professor and Research partner or just hearing about process mining today, this event is open to you to explore this field and meet our community.

You are invited to register (form below) for our first ever Roundtable in North America on February 25th from 5-7pm EST!  


5-5:20 PM: Welcome from Celonis & Introductions

5:20-5:35 PM: Introduction to Process Mining & Execution Management System Updates

5:35-6 PM: Panel on Process Mining Applications (Societal, Data Science Domain, and Academia) with

  • Dr. Arik Senderovich (Assistant Professor, Information Department, University of Toronto)

  • Dr. Reza Vaezi, (Associate Professor, Information Systems, Kennesaw State University)

  • Dr. David Wood (Professor and Andersen Fellow, School of Accountancy, Brigham Young University)

6-6:45 PM: Breakout Presentations and moderated Discussions

  • Information Systems Curriculum, led by Dr. Reza Vaezi (KSU) and Elsa Welshofer (Celonis)

  • Accounting & Audit Curriculum, led by Dr. David Wood (BYU) and Kate Lovejoy (Celonis)

6-45-7 PM: Wine and Truffles Networking*

*Please note, to sign up for receiving wine and truffles, please register by February 18th latest.

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Who can take part in the Train-the-Teacher program?

The Train-the-Teacher Program is an exclusive offering for lecturers and academics that aim to integrate Process Mining into their classroom and want to get first-hand insights into how the Celonis EMS can be used for teaching purposes.

How long does the Train-the-Teacher Program take?

The training takes place in the form of a a half-day (4h) session. Trainings are currently only offered in a virtual format. Further advanced training can be conducted at home at your own pace through the Celonis online learning offerings.

What will I know after the training?

You will receive a crash course on theoretical foundations behind Process Mining covering relevant literature, its application in industry based on Celonis customer examples as well as an introduction to Celonis teaching and case study material.

Is the Train-the-Teacher session for free?

Yes. At the moment we offer this as a free programme and we are happy if we can support you with your teaching.

How can I use my knowledge from the Train-the-Teacher session?

The training is designed to give you an introductory understanding of Process Mining as a field (both in industry and research) as well as more in-depth skills and knowledge around the Celonis Execution Management System.

With this you are able to integrate Process Mining into your own curriculum and courses or to share your knowledge through e.g. extracurricular skills workshops or lectures.Similarly, we are happy to support thesis projects related to the field or any other projects.

Do I need to do anything in return to join the session?

No, you are welcome to just use the session to get a first feel for Process Mining and the Celonis EMS. However, we would highly encourage that you share your knowledge afterwards e.g. as part of your course offering or through a workshop.

How much time can or should I spend on Process Mining in my class?

This is up to you. Typically the material that you will cover through the Train-the-Teacher program can well be fitted into 1-3h sessions with your students depending on how much depth you want to cover. This could be a nice addition to an already existing course or an extracurricular offering.

We also have academic partners that offer whole Process Mining seminars or courses. We are happy to provide you with further material in that case and advise on best practices.

A blended learning approach, which offers students the chance to earn a certificate, is also possible.

When does it make sense to cover Process Mining in my course?

Process Mining is a very versatile field which fits into both computer science and informatics as well as business oriented degree programmes. We have several different demo data sets to cover different applications fields from Production to Logistics to Supply Chain and many more. Likewise more tech-savy courses might profit from the low-code coding environment to learn PQL or from interfaces to the Machine Learning, Prediction or bot monitoring.

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