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As a university-born tech company, we aspire to support the education of the next generation's teacher leaders. The Academic Alliance offers teachers a wide range of free products & services to bring applied data science into the classroom.

Join our growing global academic community of educators and researchers worldwide.

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Teacher - artwork

Why Teach Process Mining & Automation

Prepare Students for the Era of Business Execution

Train your students in creating insights from big data, and make them job-market ready.

Master the Intersection of Business and IT

Process Mining is an interdisciplinary field that combines IT, data science, and business process management.

Join A Global Community of Educators

Hundreds of teachers worldwide teach Process Mining. Join this community, share your story, and learn from your peers.

Explore What You Can Do With Us


Educating the EMS Workforce

Learn more and become a partner in our Partner PortaOur mission is to educate the workforce for a data-driven future. For this we offer a variety of teaching and learning opportunities:

  • Guest speakers and workshops

  • Professional certification opportunities for students

  • Course support with software access and teaching materials

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Driving Innovation & Research

Process Mining has an inherently academic DNA, which is why we want to keep close ties to academia. We drive innovation through joint research and our dedicated R&D program.

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Building the EMS Community

We believe in a triple helix approach for education where industry, academia and government join forces. We train students to get hired. We connect students with our ecosystem partners through capstone or thesis projects or by bringing external industry experts into the classroom.

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Partner Portal
The exclusive portal for partners

Partner portal

  • Your one-stop shop for anything related to process mining teaching

  • For all academic partners who are planning their next course integration with Celonis

  • Direct access to teaching materials, guides, guest lectures signups, and more

  • Updated regularly to include content co-created by peers globally

  • Follow your educator journey on the partner portal, and become a Celonis academic partner today!

Partner Portal
All-in-one Platform for Process Excellence

Celonis platform

  • Free - For students, teachers, and researchers

  • All Celonis features - Event Collection, Process Analytics, ML Workbench, Action Engine

  • Data - Preloaded demo data and flexible data uploads

  • Easy user interface - Designed for use in classroom and self-study

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Develop process mining skills and get hands-on experience with Celonis

Celonis Academy

  • 300+ courses free for everyone

  • Interactive learning on process mining 

  • Get different verified Celonis Digital Badges.

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Celonis Make
A new standard for process automation

Make - Academic License

  • Leading visual platform for anyone to design, build, and automate anything

  • From tasks and workflows to apps and systems—without the need for coding skills

  • Get a free academic license through the Make Academic Alliance

Celonis Make
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Michael Arias --quote image

“Celonis has empowered my research projects and inspired and guided me to generate a powerful education of the Process Miners of tomorrow. The experience of optimizing the execution of business processes and exploring the full potential of Celonis is simply amazing. I am very happy with the support that Celonis provides throughout my Process Mining journey.”

Michael Arias
Professor in Computer Science
University of Costa Rica
Thanh Nguyen

“From a personal perspective, Process Mining with Celonis has given me the motivation to explore beyond my own boundaries. Many successes have been achieved since then, and now I am spreading the message to other universities with confidence!”

Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen
Fontys School of Business and Communication (Finance)
Frank Morelli

“As I am involved in business process management affairs (at university and in practice) for more than 25 years I realized that Process Mining - offered in this way - unleashes an unbelievable potential for optimization. Celonis seems to enchant the world of business.”

Frank Morelli
Professor of Information Management
Pforzheim University
Prof Abhishek

“Celonis is the pioneer in the field of Process Mining. Their course content is excellent, interactive, engaging, updated and absolutely free for all. Because of this, we have started offering project courses on Process Mining for pre-final and final year students at undergraduate level. Above all, the support from Celonis team is unbelievable. No matter how small the problem seems to be, the solution is provided within hours. I am happy to be part of this Process Mining educators community.”

Abhishek Singh
Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering Department
Global Nature Care Sangathan's Group of Institutions

Academic Centers of Excellence

The Celonis Academic Centers of Excellence are recognized as a premier global hub for applied education, curriculum development, and research around Process Mining. These insititutions across the globe are envisioned to continue educating the Process Miners of tomorrow and act as a hub within the global Process Mining community.

If your faculty and university have integrated Process Mining into the curriculum, published research, or any other community-based initiatives, read on and give in your submission to be one of the next Centers of Excellence.

Centers of excellence
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