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2023-2024 Process Mining Academic Centers of Excellence

Calling all Faculty and University administrators! Have you integrated Process Mining rigorously into your curriculum? Has one of your researchers published work in the field of Process Mining? Have you spearheaded community-based initiatives pertaining to Process Mining? If so, read on!

This 2023-2024 schoolyear, Celonis Academic Alliance will be announcing our second global class of Universities as Process Mining Academic Centers of Excellence.

What Process Mining Academic Center of Excellence stands for


Celonis has a vision to continue its culture of academic innovation and research discovery by teaming up with universities who share the same common commitment to the STEM research disciplines, and its Process Mining applications.

Celonis envisions Center of Excellence institutions across the globe to act as premier hubs within the global Process Mining community for educating the Process Miners of tomorrow.

Process Mining Centers of Excellence are recognized to be global forerunners for applied education and research around Process Mining. They are forerunners in educating the Process Miners of tomorrow!

Process Mining Centers of Excellence furthermore act as first points of contacts for students and academics interested in the field and would serve concurrently as a forum for international workshops, tech talks and classroom engagements.

Center of Excellence
Center of Excellence

What does it take?

Application Criteria

Celonis grades applications based on their engagement in education and research around Process Mining with Celonis. The key areas of engagement are the following:

  • Education Offering and Certification Opportunities

  • Curriculum and University-wide Adaption

  • Connecting Industry and Academia

  • Other Outstanding Criterias

Center of Excellence
Center of Excellence

Call for Submissions until 23 October

Reach out to your Regional Academic Alliance Manager!

Jerome Geyer-Klingeberg
Head of Academic Alliance
Elsa Welshofer
Academic Alliance Team Lead North America
AG Foto
Angela-Sophia Gebert
Academic Alliance Team Lead EMEA & APJ
Ngoc Anh Ngo
Academic Alliance Manager APJ & DACH
Eugenio Hernandez-Gomez
Academic Alliance Manager Iberia & LATAM
Manjunath Gorur Chandrashekar
Senior Academic Alliance Manager India
Sarah Polech
Sarah Polech
Academic Alliance Manager North America
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