Academic Alliance

Academic Alliance for Industry

The Celonis Academic Alliance educates the Process Miners of tomorrow. We provide applied training opportunities for students and young professionals to connect minds and markets and bring top-notch talent to the Celonis Ecosystem.

Collaborate with the Academic Alliance to engage with universities and students across the globe.

Acad combined statement

Why Engage with Academic Alliance

Connect to Top Talents & Target Schools

The Celonis Academic Alliance partners with more than 1,000 universities and have trained over 200,000 students in the past 5 years.

Improve your Employer Brand

Process Mining finds increasing traction in both business and computer science schools and constantly expands to new application fields like accounting, auditing or healthcare.

Earn Points as Service Partner

As a Celonis Service Partner, you can earn points for academic engagements as part of the AcCelorate Partner Program. Check the partner program guide for details.

Global Internship Program

The Global Internship Program is a free training program specially designed by Celonis Academic Alliance for interns. This provides a unique platform for interns to upskill in process mining and Celonis knowledge by participating in a comprehensive 1-week training. Interns joining the program will gain valuable new skills in a dynamic and interactive environment.


Engagement Opportunities


Process Mining Job Market

Tap into new talents in Process Mining by posting open positions within our job market and including them in our Process Mining Talent Newsletter.


Co-host Events & Guest Lectures

Get in touch with students by taking a share in applied university education through guest lectures, recruiting events or partnerships with career advisors.


Mentor a Student Project

Outsource challenges to students by hosting and supervising applied EMS projects. 


Co-create Learning Content

Create joint learning and teaching assets to create employer awareness and drive applied process mining education with the Academic Alliance.

Educating Tomorrow's Process Miners

Students Trained in Process Mining

Students across the globe are now trained in Process Mining and using the Celonis EMS.

Teachers and Researchers Trained in Process Mining

Teachers and researchers across the globe are now trained in Process Mining and using the Celonis EMS in their classrooms.

Classrooms Supported by Celonis

With the support of Celonis, students learn about Process Mining in class as part of their curriculum

Process Mining Career Journeys

anand tech mahindra

My name is Anand Kumar and I was one of the first students in India who completed the Process Mining Expert Certification Programme by Celonis. I dived into the world of Process Mining and my career skyrocketed since then. By developing my skills through the Celonis Academic Alliance, I now work as Principal Process Mining Consultant at Tech Mahindra. Here I have implemented multiple Process Mining projects, and due to the success of these projects, my team and I are looking to expand and hire additional Process Miners.

Tech Mahindra
Hired to Nokia

We are part of the nine students from Nova Information Management school. Welearned about Process Mining and Process Mining at Nokia through a university class. The Celonis skills we learned in class were fundamental for our career. We directly entered the Process Mining job market through a placement opportunity at Nokia. Nokia co-delivered our Process Mining class and offered us an entry position right out of the classroom.

Nova IMS Students
Patrick Groth

I am Patrick, a former student of FAU Nuremberg Erlangen. I took the Celonis Process Mining Expert Certification. I am proud to say that I have founded my own consulting company. The Celonis Academic Alliance Program paved the way for me and my two co-founders to start this company. We greatly appreciate the friendly and helpful cooperation since then. Where we are today would not have been possible without the Academic Alliance, and we look forward to continuing to work together successfully.

Logatik GmbH
Daniel Newberry

I am Daniel Newberry, an Associate Technology Consultant at Celonis. My experience with Celonis started with my MSBA capstone class. In this three-week project, the Celonis team encouraged us to be creative in our approach to find new business opportunities as well as giving us immense support through the community. Despite Celonis being new to us, we were surprised to see how well our experiences and expertise as students translated to Celonis’ EMS. To this day, Celonis gives me the support I need to be a process mining champion and inspires me to be a proactive leader.

Daniel Newberry

Stories from Partners & Customers

IBM b&w

Connections to their target universities

Through Celonis, IBM was able to create new connections with their target universities in the South German Region and provided guest lectures for Business Informatics and Operations Management Master’s students.

Pfizer b&w

Supervision of student projects

Pfizer got to watch closely as several students from University College Dublin were working on their O2C process as a student project.

apolix b&w

Case studies creation

Apolix constructed the WoodCorp case study with the Academic Alliance, which is now used in classrooms worldwide.

bruker b&w

Student seminar

Bruker Biospin worked together with students from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Celonis partner Process and to improve supplier and production processes. Find out more about their story here


Guest judging Celonis competitions

DOW Chemical attended a Process Mining Competition hosted by Central Michigan University, where they watched students compete in a business simulation challenge. In 2023, DOW will act as a semester-long company mentor for the Celonis Spring competition at CMU.


Bridging Process Mining & Automation in the Classroom

Roboyo co-taught with Celonis at NC State University in their supply chain analytics courses, where they spoke to students on the relationship between process mining and hyper automation in the market, along with taking students through a day in the life of a Roboyo employee.

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