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The Future of Amazon leveraging Process Mining

Meet Celonis. Celonis exists for defect reduction. Finding and fixing business process defects in real-time helps companies use earth’s finite resources and workers’ time responsibly. Over the last decade, Celonis' belief and technology has improved the customer and employee experience, elevated sustainability, AND reduced costs for the largest enterprises.


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Celonis enables you to:

Insist on the Highest Standards
Have a bias for action
Deep Dive in Your Business
Deliver results
Insist on the Highest Standards
Have a bias for action
Deep Dive in Your Business
Deliver results
Insist on the Highest Standards
Have a bias for action
Deep Dive in Your Business
Deliver results
Insist on the Highest Standards
Have a bias for action
Deep Dive in Your Business
Deliver results
Insist on the Highest Standards
Have a bias for action

Learn about the foundations of process mining and what supply chain transformation could look like with it at Amazon.

How does Celonis enable Amazon ACES and process excellence teams?

This document written specifically for Amazon leaders dives into what is process mining and Celonis, how it enables Amazon ACES and other process excellence teams, and how it is different from existing approaches for value stream mapping. Download this today to see why multiple ACES teams at Amazon are in advanced stages of Celonis evaluation to compress the discovery process and execute more black and green belt projects despite a headcount freeze. The document includes specific dive deep examples of how Celonis has been used at scale by process excellence teams of major enterprises like Dell and Uber and their pre/post Celonis way of working.

How is process mining SaaS Celonis optimizing procurement and AP functions for Fortune 100?

This document, written specifically for Amazon Procurement leaders dives into:

  1. what is process mining

  2. how is it different from existing tools used in procurement (e.g. BI solutions e.g., Quicksight, Tableau)

  3. how can it help with Amazon S team objectives of operational excellence, agility and frugality

  4. a dive deep case study into how Europe's largest telecom company uses Celonis to optimize their P2P process and saved $73M

Request your free copy toda to see why multiple Amazon teams are in advanced stages of their Celonis evaluation.

Supply Chain Transformation at Amazon

Process Mining enables Amazonians to drive frugality and sustainability in the supply chain through operational excellence. Learn how to find and fix inefficiencies in order management, inventory management and with sustainable practices.

Order Management Explainer Video Preview

Video: Celonis for Order Management

Lower productivity cost Amazon $2B last year. Yikes! Watch this short video to see how you can remove inefficiencies from your supply chain to win and retain even more customers.

Order-to-Cash O2C Pocket Guide 1920x1080

eBook: Order to Cash Pocket Guide

The road to revealing and fixing your hidden inefficiencies in Order Management at Amazon starts here. Identify how to improve Amazon's On-Time Delivery (OTD), Cost per Order, and Net Promoter Score (NPS) with process mining.

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Report: The Resilient Digital Supply Chain

500 Chief Supply Chain Officers were surveyed on how they plan to build strong supply chains. Read the report to see how Amazon can take action.

Process Mining + Amazon

Take your next step in learning how to find and fix inefficiencies at Amazon’s scale with process mining.


eBook: Process Mining for Dummies

The #1 asset that Amazonians are downloading is Process Mining for Dummies. This intro to process mining will fast-track getting up to speed and give you actionable advice.

X Ray Demo

X-Ray Demo: Intro to Process Mining

We’ve boiled down the basics of process mining in 20 minutes. What it is, how it works, and how to get started.

What happens when processes break?

Forrester says …

38% lower organizational productivity. 

44% higher operational costs.

37% higher employee turnover.

69% higher carbon emissions.

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