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2023 Ecosystem Summit: Partners, process mining, product evolutions

The Ecosystem Summit came early this year. Held one day before Celosphere 2023, the summit brought together hundreds of our partners – all sharing in our purpose to make processes work for people, companies and the planet.

What that looks like in action is dozens of sessions led by Celonis as well as our Services Partners, Tech Partners, and Academic Partners. And did we mention it all happened in an airplane hangar?

Partners who presented at Ecosystem Summit and Celosphere included: Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, Concentrix, Deloitte, Ecovadis, EY, Genpact, IntegrityNext, KPMG, McKinsey, Processand, Protiviti, Trullion, and PwC

No time like now to create unprecedented value

Ecosystem Summit 2023 kicked off a keynote filled with detail on Celonis’ product strategy and plans for creating massive value for customers.

"With the unprecedented collision of crises we are living in,” said Malhar Kamdar, Chief Customer Officer, “there’s no opportunity like this to make processes work better for people, companies & the planet. There is no time like this, no time better than now for us to create unprecedented value. For every process, everywhere, fast.”

Other sections of the keynote covered:

  • The Process Intelligence Graph, novel technology that captures and unifies an organization's process data, and enhances it with machine learning and deep process knowledge

  • Celostone, the strategic map to apps built – or set to be built - across the full process landscape

  • The winners of the 2023 Hackathon

    • Congratulations again to EY for their use case on intelligent insurance claims management and to Ventum for their sustainability app on carbon border adjustment mechanism requirements

  • How together we are reimagining consulting, with a particular focus on system transformation, enterprise cost reduction, managed services, and AI

  • Watch the Ecosystem Summit keynote here.

Accenture, IBM, McKinsey: Presentation previews  

Celonis’ Titanium Partner IBM presented at the Ecosystem Summit on how GenAI and process mining transform complex workflows. They showed how the NHS University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire (UK) used process mining and observational research to strategically target AI deployment. By using intelligent AI-backed workflows, the hospital is successfully reducing wasted appointment time and fixing operational inefficiencies while also enhancing the patient experience.

Accenture similarly celebrated success in the healthcare and life sciences space during their presentation. The Titanium Partner walked attendees through the journey of Novartis from deploying the first PoC on the on-prem solution, to successfully scaling the solution for use in strategic programs.

McKinsey meanwhile explored next generation ops business transformation. Successful business transformations, they explained, should be end-to-end, improving financial performance, organizational health, and delivery capabilities – all of which are underpinned by next-generation operational excellence. In the session they showed how process insights can be a key enabler for operational excellence in ownership, productivity and process intelligence.

Trust, opportunity, transparency: The Ecosystem opportunity 

Kamdar brought the Ecosystem Summit keynote to a close by focusing on the shared opportunity at hand. “Your opportunity is so much bigger and broader than just traditional implementation services,” he told the hundreds of Partners in the audience. "By combining our platform - a foundation for trust, opportunity and transparency - with your deep industry knowledge, expertise, reach, and trusted client relationships, we can do so much more, we can drive continuous process improvement everywhere."

He explained how the combination of the process intelligence platform with the Ecosystem’s expertise is set to power a massive new value and services economy – for those in the room and for customers alike.

Across the Ecosystem Summit and Celosphere, Celonis showcased the latest and greatest in process intelligence and how the innovations will help customers capture substantial value fast. 

Did you know that Celosphere 2023 featured renowned international speakers including Sanna Marin, the former prime minister of Finland? It also saw process mining experts take the stage from global companies like Bayer, Campari Group, Credibom (Credit Agricole), Deutsche Telekom, E.On, ERGO, Fresenius Medical Care, Huntsman Corporation, Lufthansa Group, Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), Norsk Hydro, Sartorius, Siemens, STADA Arzneimittel, Technical University of Munich, Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH, Uniper, and more.

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