Process intelligence takes AI to the next level – here’s how

Celonis Process Copilot: GenAI companion helps business increase process intelligence

Imagine having a trusted digital assistant by your side, ready to help you find the value opportunities in your business processes, fast. Celonis is turning that vision into reality with Process Copilot, a GenAI innovation announced today and part of the company’s CeloAI suite.

"Process Copilot was designed with one goal, to make your interaction with Celonis as seamless and intuitive as chatting with a colleague," said Paige Andrews, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Celonis. "We’ve created an interface where analysts can directly converse with Celonis, asking questions, seeking insights and uncovering opportunities for process improvements."

Process Copilot was one of multiple innovations and new platform capabilities Celonis announced at Celosphere 2023, its annual user conference in Munich. During the two-day event, the company also debuted Process Intelligence Graph, Transformation Hub, Celonis Studio updates and a new Material Emissions App.

Process Copilot is currently in beta and available to select Celonis customers and partners. To request access, please reach out to your Celonis representative.

Process Copilot: Your sidekick for understanding value opportunities

Process Copilot simplifies and accelerates the process of identifying value opportunities across the business. It’s your companion along your path to process excellence. Customers can start their value journey by asking questions to first understand their process, then understand various ways to improve performance, and take action, such as sending follow up emails or flagging a common process variation with another team.

Process Copilot is an evolution of the company’s LLM for PQL Generation tool, showcased earlier this year during Celonis World Tour 2023. It’s also a cornerstone of the company’s goal to make artificial intelligence work for the enterprise by feeding it the process intelligence AI needs to understand how work flows through the organization.

As Alex Rinke, Celonis co-founder and co-CEO, wrote in an open letter about AI to the process mining community, "AI is the accelerator [and] process intelligence is the enabler."

celonis process copilot

Celonis Process Copilot recommend questions

Process Copilot offers the following:

  • Natural language understanding: Process Copilot’s natural language processing (NLP) interface infers what users mean even if their queries aren’t perfect, such as asking for a slice of data without specifying which filter to use.

  • Recommended Questions: Upon entry, Process Copilot presents users with three starting insights about their top-line metrics. These are generated based on KPI monitoring and corresponding recommended opportunities. Recommendations may include keywords, follow-up questions, opportunities/insights, filters to apply, etc.

  • Integrated platform filters: Process Copilot can read and write filters applied to the Process Explorer. To write, filters are returned as a recommendation “chip.” Users can tap on this recommendation chip to apply the filter.

  • Actions: Using Process Copilot, users can download the CSV file for displayed tables, download a PNG file of a displayed chart or even generate an email with your findings to share with colleagues.

Process intelligence takes AI and your business to the next level

Enterprises across the world are working to supercharge their AI capabilities. But without process intelligence, AI can’t truly speak the language of your business.

As Chris Monkman, VP Product Intelligence at Celonis, wrote enterprises will only become process-intelligent when “AI speaks fluently with processes to transform the business as speed and as scale.”

Process Copilot and the CeloAI suite are built to do exactly that.

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