Celonis Product Roadmap: Charting the Course to the Superfluid Enterprise

In April 2020, during Celosphere Live, we unveiled our new product vision: to put AI to work in organizations to achieve outcomes that matter. But announcing this vision was just the beginning of delivering on it for customers. That’s why today we are announcing the availability of our Product Roadmap on the Celonis Community. Our roadmap provides unprecedented transparency into what’s coming and makes this information accessible to everyone in our customer and partner ecosystem in a collaborative environment with real-time updates. Here’s how:

Transparently delivering on our vision

Our vision is driven by customer feedback and shaped by customer collaboration across co-innovation and beta programs. So, transparency into our roadmap is a natural extension of the customer-centricity that has been central to Celonis since our founding. The roadmap is more than a list of features with release dates, it’s a comprehensive resource that unpacks our vision into four core pillars and explains dozens of upcoming product enhancements that support them.

Making the roadmap a two-way street

Our roadmap lives on our Community Portal — a platform for our customers and partners to connect with peers, learn from each other, and share best practices. Unlike traditional roadmaps, which are usually static slide decks, our roadmap is a collaborative resource that customers and partners can interact with and connect around. We couldn’t be more excited to get even more customers involved in our product development process — providing essential feedback that motivates everything we do.

Democratizing the roadmap

Celonis helps everyone make smarter decisions at each step in their processes — from senior leadership to those just launching their careers. We know that some of those most eager to learn about what’s coming are our end-users who rely on our product to get their jobs done every day. This is why we wanted to ensure that our roadmap was not only presented to senior leadership but clear and accessible to all users.

Ensuring you never miss a beat

At Celonis, we are continuously delivering new functionality to our customers - meaning that we give our users access to the latest and greatest without having to wait for annual, quarterly, or even monthly releases. This means that we want to keep you up-to-date about what we’re planning, so you know what to expect in the coming weeks and months. In the roadmap, you can subscribe to updates about the capabilities you care about and get alerted when new information is available. We could not be more excited about the future of process excellence and the innovative platform we are delivering to customers in 2020 and beyond. Be sure to sign up for the Celonis Community to see the roadmap and connect with peers around the world, who are leading the process excellence charge at their organizations. Stay tuned for Part II, where we will show how to use the roadmap and get everyone on your team involved and up-to-speed on what’s coming to Celonis.

Anisa Aull
Anisa Aull
Product Marketing Manager
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