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How Process Mining Can Help Make Campaign Management Easier (and More Impactful)

Campaign management is incredibly complex. You’ve got all sorts of internal and external complexity impacting your ability to deliver on your goals. If you haven’t already, it’s time to think about how process mining could help make things feel a little more simple.

There are some departments in a business that really feel like octopus wrestling, and chief among them is campaign management. You’ve got so many different stakeholders, your work straddles so many different departments, and you have to be both productive and analytical.

We take our hats off to you.

Now, there’s a way process mining can help make your job easier (and your campaigns more impactful) but before we can get to that, we need to take a quick look at some of the things campaign management are responsible for:

  • Planning: You have to figure out audience segmentation, appropriate channels, work requirements, timelines. 

  • Execution: Getting the thing done. This means all the cat herding that comes with managing creatives, kick-off calls, feedback sessions, collaboration across departments, sign-off from external partners, managing freelancers, the list goes on and on. Then getting the things live. Figuring out cadences. Seeing how they fit in with live events. 

  • Analytics: Now you see what worked, and figure out how to turn that into shareable learnings for the next campaign. 

It’s a lot. And that’s by no means an exhaustive list. 

Complexity is a breeding ground for inefficiencies 

Simply put, you’re working with lots of people, in lots of different departments, using many different systems, and not all of those systems play nicely together (we don’t know if your people play nicely together but we hope so). 

Regardless of how good you are at your job, that level of complexity is going to introduce hidden inefficiencies into your system. Unknown unknowns. Here at Celonis we call them silent killers of performance. 

How process mining can help

Process mining gives you a real-time X-Ray of how your business really operates so you can see exactly how work gets done, which assets led to which leads, and which of those leads turn into customers. 

This means that you can get a zoomed-out look at all your cat wrangling, spot areas for improvement, and even automate tasks that can be automated, freeing up your time to work on jobs that deliver value. 

So work is more likely to come in on-time and on-budget, collaboration between teams is easier, and you have greater visibility into what’s happening. 

Plus because you’ve got the ability to see why certain assets are leading to more customers (not just that certain assets performed better), you’re able to get better alignment between Sales and Marketing. 

You go from KPIs about sheer volume of leads to creating targeted campaigns that you know will drive conversions, and your people enjoy the work more. 

Plus, you’ll be able to spot if you’ve got engaged prospects who aren’t converting and dynamically create campaigns for that audience, rather than just putting campaigns out there and hoping for an audience. 

Get started today

There’s a very good reason the majority of business leaders are either considering or implementing process mining in the next two years. If you’re looking for a way to unlock the next level of business performance in campaign management, we think you should be thinking about it too. 

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Andrew London
Senior Content Marketing Manager

Andrew London is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Celonis. He specializes in both strategy and execution, helping with positioning and messaging at one end, while getting his hands dirty producing content at the other. He learnt how to do all this working with some of the biggest names in B2B tech at Velocity Partners — being part of the team that helped them win The Drum Agency of the Year award during his time there. Before that he cut his teeth working for SEO powerhouse TechRadar where he proudly held the top ranking position for “Best gadgets”.

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