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Install more great apps faster with the updated Celonis Marketplace

The Celonis Marketplace (formerly the EMS Store) is the go-to destination to discover and install solutions that improve performance across almost every business process. We want to help customers find and install great apps, connectors, and other modules to reveal and fix inefficiencies faster and with more confidence.

This blog post will share some updates we’ve made to the Marketplace. These improvements introduce a faster, more intuitive way for users to find what they need, be it apps or connectors or anything else, so customers can focus on what matters most: creating value and maximizing business performance with this pre-built content. Here’s what’s new:

First, we added a new Discovery page to help new Celonis users discover the best apps to tackle their business challenges, including:

  • Curated recommendations for great free and paid apps

  • Must-have apps that customers commonly find success with as well as recently trending, popular apps

  • Videos that describe other customers' success stories with apps and showcase how you can achieve similar results

Next, we improved how users search and filter apps, connectors, action flows, and experiences to get to a list of relevant content for their business needs:

  • Better search now includes most app details (e.g., name, processes, KPI, tags, etc.) to ensure that users find all relevant content

  • Improved filters narrow results by process source system so you know you’re getting the results most applicable to you.

We also redesigned the app tiles and detail pages to help users install apps with confidence. 

  • New tiles include more information to help users make informed selections based on their search results

  • The app detail page redesign reduces scrolling and improves content organization, including an overview, required dependencies, demo videos, help content, and more 

Additionally, the new ‘Request an App’ feature enables business users to request app installation from their admins with just one click. At the same time, admins and analysts can act to install these apps with just a click right from their email.

Finally, we allow users to save apps and other modules as favorites to take action in the future. The new ‘Favorites’ marketplace page allows the user to manage these selections, and for admins to review all the saved apps and connectors from their users. 

It’s never been easier for you to search and find the apps, connectors and modules you might need in the Celonis Marketplace, so you and your company can perform at levels you never thought possible. 

Visit the Celonis Marketplace now. 

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Celonis customers use the Marketplace to find over 500 ready-to-install Apps, Connectors, and other modules relevant to most departments, processes, and industries. Additionally,  customers can easily connect with the Celonis’ partner ecosystem for even more solutions to improve execution capacity. 

As always, these product updates are based on conversations with our incredible global user community and our partner network. We want to thank everyone who has shared their feedback with us, and we encourage you to do the same in the Celopeers community.

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Jorge Llerena Diaz
Principal Product Manager - Marketplace
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